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How does air compressor scale form?

High Temperature Refrigeration Dryer High temperature refrigeration sollant(


The fouling of the cooling system of the air compressor is mainly due to the soluble, unstable heavy carbonate metals (may also contain anions and cations of other metals and various impurities) and suspended impurities and oil in the cooling water.


When the air compressor is working, the moving parts will generate heat, and the compressed air will also generate a lot of heat, which will increase the temperature of the cooling water. Any frequency conversion unit does not need a special installation foundation. The low-speed fan and modern vibration isolation and noise reduction measures make the compressor running with very low noise, so it is convenient for users to place it on the production site. As long as the equipment is in place and the pipeline is connected quickly, Ready to ship immediately.

High Temperature Refrigeration Dryer High temperature refrigeration sollant(High Temperature Refrigeration Dryer High temperature refrigeration sollant(Under normal conditions, it is heated and decomposed into extremely insoluble carbonate, which deposits on the inner wall of the cylinder water jacket and cooling pipeline to form scale. At normal temperature, if the carbonate concentration does not exceed the saturation limit, it will exist stably in the water, but with the operation of the air compressor, the temperature of the cooling water will continue to rise and the cooling water will continue to be evaporated, and precipitation will occur and form Scale with extremely poor thermal conductivity, the higher the temperature, the thicker the salinity, the faster the scale will be formed, and the more it will be, the harder it will be. For an open cooling system, if the cooling water is secondary water, the salinity in the cooling water will crystallize when the temperature reaches 45-50°C, which will not only aggravate scaling, but also aggravate the corrosion of parts.


The formation of scale in the cooling system will reduce the cross-sectional area of the water flow channel, increase the resistance of the water circulation, and hinder the normal heat exchange. With the continuous thickening of the scale layer, it will cause serious cooling problems of the equipment and bring a series of evil consequences. If the power consumption of the air compressor is increased, the air intake volume is reduced, the exhaust volume is reduced, and the oil and water contained in the high-temperature compressed air cannot be fully condensed or segregated, which will affect the instability of the wet smelting process, and will also make the air compressor Engine lubrication is poor, high temperature can reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil, affect its normal work, and shorten the service life. At the same time, it is difficult to clean the scale in the pipe and cylinder water jacket, which will increase the maintenance cost. When the scaling surface is uneven, it will also Cause local corrosion, etc. and affect the service life.


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High Temperature Refrigeration Dryer High temperature refrigeration sollant(High Temperature Refrigeration Dryer High temperature refrigeration sollant(Sollant groupSollant logo

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