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What is the reason why the air compressor pump is not oiled? –Shared by Sollant

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There may be many reasons why the air compressor pump is not oiled, and I will explain some possible reasons in detail below.

Oil pump failure:

The oil pump of the air compressor may fail, resulting in the inability to absorb and deliver lubricating oil normally. This may be caused by damage to the internal parts of the pump body, poor seals, or problems with the drive components of the pump.

Oil pump intake blockage:

The air intake of the oil pump of the air compressor may be blocked by impurities, dirt or blockages, preventing enough lubricating oil from being sucked in. This can happen in the intake filter or in the intake duct, which requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

Oil pump suction pipe leaks:

There may be an air leak in the suction pipe of the oil pump, which prevents the pump from creating enough vacuum pressure to suck in the lubricating oil. This can be caused by weak pipe connections, aged or damaged seals, etc.

Oil Supply Problems:

There may be problems with the oil supply system of the air compressor, such as insufficient oil level in the oil tank, blocked oil pipes or closed oil circuit valves, etc., causing the oil pump to not work properly. Need to check and make sure the oil supply is free.

Oil pump drive problem:

The oil pump driving parts of the air compressor may fail, such as motor damage, belt breakage or transmission system failure, etc., causing the oil pump to fail to operate normally. This requires appropriate repair or replacement.

Oil pump lubrication problem:

The oil pump itself needs to be lubricated to ensure normal operation. If the lubricating oil is insufficient or the quality is not up to standard, it may cause the oil pump to fail to suck and deliver enough lubricating oil. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replace the lubricating oil regularly, and ensure that the appropriate type and specification are used.

Oil pump filter clogged:

The filter of the air compressor oil pump may become clogged with impurities, dirt or sediment, causing the oil pump to not work properly. Regular cleaning or changing of filters is key to keeping your oil pump running properly.

air compressor pump is not oiled

In conclusion, the air compressor pump not oiling can be caused by oil pump failure, oil pump air intake blockage, oil pump suction pipe leakage, oil supply problem, oil pump drive problem, oil pump lubrication problem or oil pump filter clogging, etc. For these problems, careful inspection and maintenance are required to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor and the effective work of the lubrication system. Please note that when dealing with air compressor problems, you should follow the corresponding safety operating procedures and seek professional technical support according to the actual situation.

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