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Problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of screw air compressor

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As one of a wide range of industrial machines, oil-free screw air compressors involve problems in operation? From the five perspectives, the problem may be clear, although it is not comprehensive, but it is mentioned a lot of more common problems.


  1. The problem that the oil-free screw air compressor cannot start: the fuse is not good, this is a common problem.

Secondly, the effect of the protective machine relay lost its effect. Third, the start button is in poor contact. This problem is not common, because now oil-free screw air compressors, unless it is really a very low price, otherwise, even if there is any good solution, there is no such problem. Fourth, the power supply voltage of the oil-free screw air compressor is too low. There is a problem with the motor, which is more complicated. This problem generally has relatively low technical strength.

  1. SOLLANT Air Compressor Air DryerThe exhaust pressure of the oil-free screw air compressor can be checked in four aspects. One is the intake valve, the second is the excess air supply, and the third is the air filter plug in the air compressor. It is blocked by foreign matter, check whether the oil and gas separation is blocked, which is usually the above four problems. These problems are common with air compressors that have been used for many years.


  1. The gas content produced by the oil-free screw air compressor is too high. For companies focused on air quality, this is critical if there is too much oil.

This problem is also more, mainly six aspects, one is too high, two, the oil and gas filter or throttle valve, the third is that the oil and gas separation core is damaged, it is an oil defect system, the air pressure compressor may be too low . It’s a lubrication issue. Many also cause this problem.


  1. The exhaust temperature of the machine is too high. The temperature we are talking about exceeds 150 degrees, the main reason is that the ambient temperature is too high or the temperature control valve cannot work normally. In addition, the oil supply is insufficient, and the oil cooler needs to be cleaned for a long time. Sometimes a clogged oil filter can cause this, a problem with the cooling fan, heat resistance. This problem is still less of a problem if the machine is really good.


  1. If the air compressor cannot be empty, it can be checked from the intake valve. You can also check that the pressure sensor is working properly.

Refrigerant compressed air dryer Air TreatmentIn fact, an oil-free screw air compressor is a bit like a car. If it is well maintained, the working life will be long, and the possibility of problems will be reduced, and many oil-free screw air compressors are mainly caused by improper maintenance or wrong methods.


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