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The reason why the air compressor pressure is not up to standard

Screw Air Compressor Sollant

Screw Air Compressor Sollant

  1. Excessive suction resistance;


  1. The pipeline leaks seriously;


  1. The intake valve is not opened;


  1. Insufficient gas production inside the host;


  1. The gas consumption is too large, which is higher than the gas production.


elimination method:


  1. Remove the air filter element for cleaning or replacement;


  1. Carefully check the pipeline, fasten or replace the leak;


  1. Replace the intake valve;


  1. When the main engine of the air compressor is rotating, listen to whether the internal sound of the main engine is normal. If it is not normal, it needs to be replaced;


  1. Reduce gas consumption and stagger the use of gas equipment.


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