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Principles of Air Compressor Aftertreatment Equipment Selection_Cool Dryer_Filter


Different industries have different requirements for air compressors, and the selection of air compressor accessories is even more important. We can follow the following principles when selecting post-processing equipment:

(1) Based on the rated air pressure and pressure of the air compressor, select the purification system

(2) Select the dryer model based on the intake air temperature, rated air volume, rated pressure value and ambient temperature

(3) Based on the degree of dryness, that is, the value of the leak point, choose what type of dryer to configure.

(4) Based on the oil content index and the dust content index, select several stages of filtration and confirm the filter type.

(5) Use the indicators of dew point, oil content and dust content to confirm the configuration of the pipeline and select the material of the pipeline.

(6) In the workplace with a large amount of dust in the environment, a self-cleaning filter should be installed to protect the air compressor and ensure the purification effect.

(7) The process of compressed air drying and purification is mainly a process of drying and filtering, and it is also a process of continuous temperature reduction. Temperature plays an important role in purification, both the intake air temperature and ambient temperature directly affect the drying and purification effects.

(8) In the entire compressed air system of the air compressor, the setting of the air storage tank also plays an important role. Because the gas storage tank has the functions of stabilizing airflow, cooling, sewage discharge, and gas storage, an air storage tank should be installed between the compressed air and the drying and purification equipment, and between the drying and purification equipment and the terminal gas point.

(9) If the oil-water mixture discharged from air compressors, rear coolers, air storage tanks, filters, refrigerated air dryers, adsorption air dryers, and non-gas-consuming electronic drains is directly discharged to the river, It is necessary to add a waste oil collector to the system to collect the oil and meet the environmental protection requirements.

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