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How to control the oil temperature of the air compressor


If the oil temperature is lower than 40°C, the viscosity of the oil is too high and the mechanical friction is blocked. At the same time, it is more dangerous to generate a large amount of carbon deposits. The generation of a large amount of carbon deposits will cause the equipment to burn or explode under high temperature conditions; When the oil temperature is higher than 90°C, the oil quality is easy to oxidize, the viscosity decreases or deteriorates, the lubrication effect is not good, and the life of the equipment is shortened. Therefore, in order to reduce equipment accidents, we must control the temperature of the air compressor between 80-90°C.

Causes of low oil temperature

The temperature of the air compressor oil is lower than 22°C in a static state. There are not many factors that cause the oil temperature to be too low, mainly because the air temperature is too low or the viscosity of the air compressor oil lubricating oil itself is too high, the number of opened equipment is small, and the outlet pressure is low, so that the air compressor oil cannot be fully utilized.

Causes of high oil temperature

There are many factors that lead to high oil temperature, and they mainly occur in summer. The main factors are: high temperature, high temperature of circulating cooling water or blockage of cooler, poor circulation of oil circuit, high outlet pressure and so on.

How can we control the temperature of the oil?

1. Control method for low oil temperature

If the oil temperature is too low or remains unchanged for a long time, it is easy to increase the friction of the transmission part, and sometimes it will make a scream, so that the equipment cannot be fully lubricated, causing damage to the equipment. Low oil temperature mainly occurs in winter, and the main methods that can be used are:

(1) Strengthen the sealing and heating insulation of the factory building, and reduce the flow of circulating water at the same time, so that the cooling effect of the oil cooler is reduced and the oil temperature is increased.

(2) Keep 1-2 compressors running continuously. The oil temperature rises naturally through mechanical friction.

(3) Use air compressor oil with lower viscosity in winter.

2. Control method for excessive oil temperature

If the oil temperature is too high for a long time, the oil quality will deteriorate, and the air compressor oil will not have the effect of lubrication, which will increase the wear and tear of the equipment. The following methods can be taken to reduce the oil temperature:

(1) When the temperature is high in summer, the oil temperature is higher than 90°C for a long time, and sometimes exceeds the standard limit of 110°C. The control method is to open the skylights, doors and windows of the factory building for ventilation; in the weather with high temperature, regularly use cooling water to flush the floor of the factory building to cool down.

(2) The water temperature of the circulating cooling water in summer remains high, which makes the effect of the oil cooler poor and the oil temperature rises. Therefore, cooling measures should be taken in time to reduce the circulating water temperature.

(3) If the color of the oil in the oil window is found to be thinner or whitish, check the oil quality in time. If the viscosity of the oil decreases, replace it with new oil or add some new oil in time, and shorten the cycle of replacing the new oil appropriately.

(4) Keep the oil cooler unblocked, and check the effectiveness of the cooler regularly. Usually, the blockage of the cooler is also one of the reasons for the rise of the oil temperature. Therefore, when the oil cooler is found to be blocked, it should be cleaned in time to ensure the cooling effect of the oil cooler and the normal operation of the equipment.

Summary: The oil temperature of the air compressor is an important indicator that affects the performance and operation of the air compressor. Except for some products with design defects, we can focus on these three aspects: 1. Whether the oil product is qualified; 2. Whether the cooling system is smooth; 3. Whether the environment exceeds the standard.


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