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A Review on Major Air Compressor Brands from Global Market

A Review on Major Air compressor brands from Global Market

An air compressor is considered among the most versatile industrial tools. It can perform a variety of tasks when attached to pneumatic tools used in most industrial production processes. For these reasons, the air compressor market is one area that has attracted several manufacturers and companies. At the moment, there are thousands of air compressor brands in the world.

Why you need the best air compressor

Air compressors can be used with air tools for maintenance, repair, construction, and industrial projects in almost every sector. For this reason, you need the most reputable air compressor manufacturer wherever you are to ensure that your plans do not stall. Air compressors are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Therefore, choosing the best air compressor brand is a very complicated task that requires a lot of research and knowhow. To get your buying decision right, yon ed to ask yourself the following questions;

  • Where will you use the air compressor?
  • Will you work in a confined or ventilate place?
  • Which air tools do you want to power?
  • Which air compressor manufacturers are best in the industry?
  • Which are the best air compressor brands that will work for you?

Air compressor types

To determine the best air compressor brands of 2020, you need to know the types of air compressors that various air compressor manufacturers offer in the market. While many air compressors use rotating impellers to create pressure, positive displacement air compressors are becoming common in the air compressor industry. In these models, air pressure is increased through the reduction of the space that contains air. Most of the air compressors in this category use a reciprocating piston.

Standard air compressors come in one- or two-cylinder versions that suit compressed air requirements in various pneumatic tools. These tools are both suitable for homeowners and commercial use.

For many single-stage air compressors, the pressure switch is used to stop the motor when tank pressure reaches a maximum of 125 psi. This pressure is needed in most applications. Therefore, their airlines include regulators that you can use to match your pressure requirement, depending on the tool you are using. In that respect, you need an air compressor brand that offers precisely the same technology.

Additionally, you will need air compressors that enhance your safety and the safety of your tools by featuring a safety valve on the tank. This valve opens if the pressure switch malfunctions. Other air compressor brands also incorporate an unloader valve on the pressure switch used to reduce tank pressure when the compressor is not in use.

In general, understanding the various types of air compressors can help you determine the best air compressor brand for you. For instance, Sollant air compressors are among the best rotary crew air compressor brands in China. At the same time, Siemens is considered among the best manufacturers of best portable air compressors in the world. Your need for a compressed air system can be broken down into the air tools you want to power or the applications you need the air compressor for. Therefore, you must know the best air compressor brand in every category of air compressor available in the market today.

Features that Make a Difference

Air compressor brands are known to have unique features that make them stand out from one another in the air compressor industry. Be it the technology used or the type of compression applied, various specifications make each air compressor brand in the world offer its own customized style that is suitable for different applications. Below are some features that you may want to check in your air compressor manufacturer’s products.

  • Control panels and gauges. Suppose these elements are well-protected and conveniently located, you can be guaranteed easy access and control to reduce the cost of maintaining the air compressor machine in the long run.
  • Heavy-duty electric motor. If this element comes with a manual reset that protects the air compressor from overload, you may consider buying from the air compressor brand.
  • Electric start system. An electrical start system with an inbuilt air pressure release is useful for reducing the chances of tripping circuits when the air compressor is start-up.
  • Two air outlets that enable dual-tool operation.
  • Idle control. This feature lets you save fuel by idling the engine when the air tank hits the maximum operating pressure.
  • Pneumatic tires. They offer easy maneuvering around your workshop and are suitable for home use.
  • Ball-valve tank drains. Air compressor brands that offer this feature makes sure that you can quickly drain your air tank with a simple quarter turn.
  • Direct-drive, oil-lubricated pump with a cast-iron cylinder that extends the lifecycle and performance of your air compressor.

Tips for Safe Air Compressor Operation

If you are looking to buy the best air compressor, you will need to know how to operate one safely. So, here are the five necessary steps you need to take when operating an air compressor:

  • Step 1:

Always check the level of oil in the air compressor to ensure that it is adequately lubricated for efficient performance.

  • Step 2:

If you are using an air compressor with an electric motor, plug into the unit the correct grounded outlet. Turn on the pressure switch and close the tank drain valve. For gasoline-powered air compressors, start the motor, turn on the pressure switch, then close the tank drain valve.

  • Step 3:

Adjust the pressure of your air tool to match the pressure from the air compressor. Do not exceed the recommended psi for your air tools.

  • Step 4:

When done using the air compressor, shut off the motor, unplug the unit, and turn off the regulator valve.

  • Step 5:

Open the drain cock to drain off any accumulated moisture. Leave the drain open until the next time you want to use the air compressor again.

If you know how to use your air compressor well and safe, you will not have to worry about the air compressor brand you buy. Instead, you will only have to find the right one for your air tools.

Best air compressor brands globally

Air compressors have become popular tools in many industries. They are also becoming more affordable, and new air compressor brands coming up everywhere are populating the already saturated air compressor market. However, it is always safe to stick to renowned air compressor brands and reputable air compressor manufacturers. This section is a review of the best air compressor brands in 2020.

Here is the list of the best air compressor manufacturers in the world in 2020:

  • Ingersoll-Rand:

This brand was established in 1871. It offers different solutions for more significant improvements in the transport and construction industries. Ingersoll-Rand air compressors are seen to provide the best solutions for compressed air needs in the preservation of food and perishable goods. It also increases the productivity and efficiency of many other industries.

The company operates in two segments. However, it is mostly known to be among the best industrial air compressor brands in the world. In this respect, Ingersoll-Rand offers portable air compressors like the TS4N5, a two-stage reciprocating air compressor. One stage air compressors from this company include electric-driven single-stage air compressors.

  • Atlas Copco:
air compressor brands

Atlas Copco was founded in 1873. The air compressor brand is known for supplying air compressors in many countries around the world. With more than 40000 employees worldwide, Atlas Copco is considered to be among the best air compressor brands globally.

  • GE:
air compressor brands

This air compressor brand was first established in 1892. GE air compressors are designed and manufactured for aircraft engines, power generation, medical appliances, and industrial air tools for oil and gas production. GE air compressors are suitable for various applications due to their durability and efficiency. As a reputable air compressor brand in the world, GE is known for the BCL, SRL, RB, MCL/V, and VH air compressor series.

  • Siemens:
air compressor brands

Siemens was established in 1847 and has continued to operate its businesses through various segments, including energy, real estate, health care, industry, among others. As an air compressor brand, Siemens focuses on energy, infrastructure, industrial, and health care sectors. Siemens is well specialized in industry solutions with its turbo air compressors playing critical roles in various industries, such as oil and gas. Additionally, Siemens offers OEM services for its air compressor fleet as well as other air compressors manufactured by its acquired companies.

Siemens’s turbo air compressors include a single shaft, single-stage, and integrally geared air compressors. Lastly, Siemens offers air compressor maintenance and repair solutions, seal system upgrades, diagnostic services, and service programs.

  • Sollant
air compressor brands

Sollant is one of the leading rotary screw air compressor brands in the world. The china-based air compressor brand is also a supplier of matching air compressor parts. Sollant has specialized in the research and development to offer the best power frequency air compressors and frequency conversion air compressors. It also provides permanent magnet frequency air compressors, low voltage and portable rotary screw air compressors, and post-processing equipment of various rotary screw air compressors.

Sollant air compressors are built on a robust platform and feature the most advanced technology for high-efficiency screw elements. Oil-lubricated screw air compressors from Sollant offer excellent all-in-one solutions for small and medium garages and come with energy-saving efficiency of between 30% and 35%. The air compressor brand is known for its use of Germany Schneider air compressor parts and Chinese famous brand accessories to manufacture their air compressors.

  • Sulzer:
air compressor brands

Sulzer is a well-known industrial engineering and manufacturing company that was established in 1834. Sulzer manufactures air compressors with fine bubbles in five different models. The company is a reputable air compressor brand with models like the PIK300, PRK300, and KKI215.

  • Senco:
air compressor brands

Senco is easily identified among the best air compressor brands in the world due to the production of high-quality compressors. Their products include power and fastening tools with the latest technology features. Apart from air compressors, the company also manufactures staplers and fasteners.

  • Hitachi:
air compressor brands

In the air compressors global market, Hitachi’s EC12 is ranked among the best portable air compressor brands in 2020. The twin stack air compressor comes with a 4-gallon capacity air tank. Additionally, it features one aluminum pump, iron cast sleeve, and ball bearing components. Hitachi air compressors have well-clustered gauges, 4.1 CFM airflow, and up to 125 PSI.

  • DeWalt:
air compressor brands

DeWalt is considered to be one of the best air compressor brands in the global air compressor market. The company offers a wide variety of air compressors of different sizes, power, and tank styles. The best models from DeWalt include DWFP55126 and DWFP55130.

  • Gardner Denver, Inc.:
air compressor brands

This is one air compressor brand that is popular for its compression technology. This brand is well equipped with compressed air solutions for various applications and operations. Gardner Denver has been designing, manufacturing, servicing, and commissioning air and gas systems for all industries. As an air compressor brand, the company is respected for the manufacture of high standard air compressors that are highly approved by ISO 9001 and RINA.

  • Bostitch:
air compressor brands

Bostitch air compressors are known for their quality and affordable options in the global air compressor market. Another unique feature of this air compressor brand is the lightweight of their units compared to other global air compressor brands. Additionally, Bostitch air compressors are suited for standard household use since they require a low amp. These air compressors feature oil-free pumps, making them easy to use and maintain. The CAP1512-OF is one of the best air compressors from Bostitch.


The global air compressor market is saturated with many air compressor brands. Many air compressor manufacturers frequently enter the market, making it difficult to choose one that suits your needs for the best air compressors. There are thousands of air compressors that can be rated among the best air compressors of 2020. However, this article has narrowed down to the best air compressor brands of 2020 to help you choose a manufacturer that will provide the best solutions for your compressed air needs. Thus, this overview will make it easier for you to choose the best air compressor manufacturer in the world and get your hand on the best quality air compressors and air compressor parts.

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