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Why does the air compressor compressor need to recover waste heat?

Mobile diesel air compressor


When the compressor is compressing air, the motor and the host will generate high heat. Some companies that use compressors extensively will install waste heat recovery equipment outside the compressor. So what are the specific benefits of doing so?

Mobile diesel air compressor

  1. Energy saving


The principle of the compressor waste heat recovery equipment is to heat the cold water by absorbing the waste heat of the air compressor. The heated water can be used to solve problems such as employees’ daily water needs and industrial hot water. It can save energy consumption for enterprises.

Mobile diesel air compressor Mobile diesel air compressor



If the compressor temperature is too high, it will increase the burden on the compressor and may cause accidents such as shutdown. On the one hand, recycling the waste heat of the compressor can collect excess energy, and on the other hand, it can also reduce the temperature of the compressor unit to ensure the safety, efficiency and safety of the air compressor. Long-term and stable work.

Mobile diesel air compressor

  1. Low cost


The energy consumption of the waste heat recovery equipment itself is very low, and there is basically no need to add extra interfaces. The recovery principle is simple. Through direct heating, the heat recovery rate reaches 99.2%, and the outlet water temperature exceeds 90 degrees.

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