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Why does air compressor lubricating oil emulsify

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Why does air compressor lubricating oil emulsify? What are the dangers of lubricating oil emulsification?
Air compressors are an important source of power in factories, providing high-quality compressed air for the manufacturing industry. Lubricating oil emulsification is one of the common problems of air compressors. This article takes screw air compressors as an example to help you understand the causes and solutions of lubricating oil emulsification in air compressors.
1. Causes of emulsification of air compressor lubricating oil
There are generally three reasons for emulsification of air compressor lubricating oil. First, the air compressor has been operating in an environment with high air humidity for a long time, and water and oil mix, resulting in emulsification. Second, the load rate of the air compressor is not high, the air consumption is too low, and the operating temperature of the air compressor unit is too low, which will cause the lubricating oil to emulsify. Third, the lubricating oil has not been replaced for too long, and the performance of the oil changes.
2. Hazards of air compressor lubricating oil emulsification
Emulsification of lubricating oil can cause mechanical failures such as main engine bearings to get stuck, rotor damage, etc., causing compressor shutdown, affecting normal production. In severe cases, the compressor can be scrapped, or even cause major accidents. For industries that cannot shut down, the risk is extremely high.
3. Solution to emulsification of air compressor lubricating oil
The air compressor oil drum should be drained before starting the machine every day. Generally speaking, the service life of air compressor lubricating oil is about 2,000 hours, but in actual applications, it must be replaced regularly according to specific conditions. Air compressors that have emulsified lubricating oil need to thoroughly clean all parts that come into contact with the emulsified lubricating oil, such as oil separators, oil filters, oil pumps, compressor mainframes and other important components.
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