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What should we pay attention to in the air compressor room?

Dual voltage control screw air compressor

As a common equipment in the manufacturing industry, air compressors are very important to provide a stable and suitable operating environment. Therefore, the management of the air compressor room must be done well.

1. A spacious, ventilated and clean placeDual voltage control screw air compressor

The task of the air compressor is to suck in air and compress it. The source of air is the place near the air compressor, so the air compressor room must be wide and ventilated. If it is an area with a lot of air pollutants, the air compressor inlet must be
Install the filter element.

2. Bright and constant temperature environmentDual voltage control screw air compressor

A bright environment is conducive to the space and lighting required for air compressor operation, maintenance and repair. The ambient temperature of the air compressor room should not be too low, nor should it be lower than 0 degrees. The temperature of the machine room should be maintained at a low state, because the air compressor absorbing air with higher temperature will reduce the exhaust air volume.

3.Dedicated person to “accompany”
Establish air compressor room and personnel management logs to record daily operating status to facilitate future maintenance. Operators should read the operation manual carefully before starting work. When any changes occur, they should immediately notify the after-sales service personnel.

Dual voltage control screw air compressor

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