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The harm of water in the screw air compressor

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We all know that the temperature of the screw air compressor generally drops slowly during the manufacturing process of compressed air. At the beginning, because the temperature of air compression heating is high, the moisture in the air remains in a vaporized state. When flowing in the pipeline, the surrounding environment undergoes heat exchange, which will slowly cool the compressed air. The cooler the surrounding air, the easier it is for water vapor in the compressed air to condense. When compressed air is released from the discharge port during use, the pressure suddenly drops, the volume expands, and the temperature drops, causing the water vapor in the compressed air to further condense into water.

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Then what are the manifestations of the harm caused by the water contained in the compressed air of the screw air compressor: on the pneumatic equipment, the condensed water will take away the lubricating oil, resulting in a decrease in equipment efficiency or even damage. Condensed water will also accelerate the wear of valves in the pipeline, causing failure or misoperation of pneumatic control equipment; corrosion of pipelines and equipment, and if water freezes at the low point of the pipeline, the pipeline may burst. If the compressed air used for spraying contains water mist, it will affect the adhesion of the paint on the workpiece, resulting in the failure of the paint.

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The above is my personal view on the performance of the hazards caused by water in the screw air compressor. I hope it will be helpful to you when choosing a screw air compressor.

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