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VSD Rotary Air Compressor

VSD Rotary

Air Compressor

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VSD Rotary Air
Compressor Energy

Variable speed drive (VSD) rotary air compressors are a kind of air compressor using variable speed drive technology. This type of compressor uses a special driver to control the speed (RPM) of the device, which can save energy compared to the same speed at a fixed speed. This is to improve the efficiency of the compressor, because changing the displacement or compression ratio of the compressor usually leads to great inefficiency or unrealistic implementation.

VSD technology in the air compressor industry is the most common form of variable-frequency drive, it will input AC to DC, and then use the inverter switch circuit to convert it to quasi sinusoidal AC. This paper provides additional information on electronic speed control for use with various types of AC motors.purge and remove the dust of the optical path system. Therefore, the special air compressor for laser cutting is indispensable for every laser cutting equipment.

vsd rotary air compressor

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Rotary Air Compressor

70% of a compressor’s cost is energy. The initial investment or maintenance costs of a compressor do not compare to its energy costs. Producing compressed air can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill.

A variable speed drive only runs at the required speed, which saves considerable amounts of energy. When compared to an idling compressor, a VSD rotary air compressor allows for energy savings of 35% on average, And those savings do matter...

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VSD Rotary Air

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • Sollant VSD compressor can start/stop under full system pressure.
  • Low cost but high quality with long service life.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • VSD roatry air compressor saves time and energy.
  • No idling time lost, no blow-off losses in normal operations.
  • Sollant’s small type air compressor does not leak oil.

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VSD Rotary Air Compressor
Buying Guide


Overview of VSD Rotary Air Compressor

VSD or variable speed drive compressor’s speed is controlled by a particular driver that runs on speed drive technology. This equipment is reliable and can work 24/7 without breaking down.

It is therefore used in industries and production industries where compressed air s need in large amounts. In the market, you will find this machine in various models and you select what to buy depending on business needs.

But how do you know if a VSD rotary air compressor is the most ideal one for your business? Read on to know how to buy this air compressor and the best out of it.

Uses of a VSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor

A rotary screw air compressor is mostly used in production facilities and big workshops, and garages. It is mainly used where a lot of compressed air is needed.

Some people make the mistake of buying a variable speed compressor for smaller tasks that can be done quickly by a reciprocating compressor. You should not buy a VSD air compressor if you are looking for:

• You are looking for compressed air to use with hand tools.
• Compressed air is not needed continuously.
• Looking for compressed air for DIY projects.
• Looking for compressed air to use in light tasks.

Types of Variable Speed Air Compressor

• Oil Lubricated
The oil-lubricated VSD variable speed air compressor is also known as an oil-flooded or oil-injected compressor. For these rotary screw compressors to work, oil is injected into the chamber of the compressor, and it cools while lubricating the chamber’s element.

Besides, it lowers the heat that occurs in the compression process and minimizes the chances of any leakage in the chamber.

An oil-injected compressor has many uses and is usually perfect for users who need medium air pressure for industrial use. One of its numerous benefits is that it doesn’t have a duty cycle.

It can run the whole day without any adverse effects. This makes it ideal for plants where production is must be done the entire day without any interruptions. Besides, it comes in handy where the demand for compressed air is unpredictable.

• Oil-Free
The oil-free variable speed drive air compressor also has other names, including oil-less and no-oil compressors. But the names are misleading because this compressor still has to use lubricants for several processes. For example, it requires oils for cooling the motor and eliminating heat in the rotors.

Some oil-free compressors use a special coating, which is applied to the rotor’s elements eliminating the need for lubricants.

The equipment is used for sensitive applications in various industries because it is made to meet the standards required in pharmaceuticals, beverage, and food industries. Besides, a VSDis also ideal for oil and gas production.

Components of an Air Compressor

• The Air-Ends
A compressor is made up of many components, but the air-end is the central system. This is where the air is compressed in an air compressor. The air goes to the air-end via an inlet in an oil-injected compressor.

But, the air is separated oil and gets out of the equipment. While this is where compression of air happens, it cannot happen with the air-end only. Other components play a huge role in ensuring VSD rotary screw air compressor works smoothly.

• The Air Filter
The air filter determines the quality of air that finds its way into your compressor. The filter used in an air compressor also defines its longevity. It is possible to mount the air filter directly to the compressor or remotely via an air-intake hose.

• Separator tank
As compressed air is released from the air end, it has traces of oil. The mixture goes into the primary separator tank, where the two are separated.

In the tank, mechanical separation occurs where centrifugal force puts together all the oil molecules and form droplets that fall to the tank’s bottom.

Most of the oil is removed from the compressed air in this stage, and it’s one of the reasons, the primary separator tank acts as an oil reservoir for the VSD rotary screw air compressor.

• Secondary filter
As the air leaves the primary tank, it’s almost oil-free. It enters into the secondary separation filter. It has membrane material, which pulls all the remaining oil and directs to the oiling system of your compressor.

The air that comes out of the secondary filter is 100% oil-free. A secondary separation filter can be mounted remotely or attached to the primary separation tank.

• Oil Filter
A variable speed drive (vsd) compressor should have an oil filter because the oiling system has a closed loop. The filter captures the loose particles found in the oil but shouldn’t go back to the air compressor system.

This oil filter can be on the separator filter tank on the compressor or mounted remotely using a filter manifold.

• Oil Cooler
The air compression process generates a lot of heat. This process heats the oil, and it must, therefore, go through the cooler before it can be used in the compressor system.

However, an additional liquid to liquid oiler cooler can be used with the compressor’s cooling system or just have the liquid cooler as a standalone.

But for a liquid to the liquid cooler to work effectively, it must have a high cooling capacity since the compressor’s engine and oil produces a lot of heat.

• Hoses
The movement of air and oil through different components of a variable speed air compressor is done through hoses. The hoses should high-quality and meet the requirements of pressure, chemical elements, and heat. The use of the wrong hoses can cause be risky and lead to costly damages.

• Controls
A VSD rotary air compressor uses electrical or mechanical controls such as a switch, lever, or button. The controls are used to either turn the compressor on or off.

However, when buying a rotary air speed compressor, the control components should be suitable for the environment where the compressor will be used.

How to Know the Ideal Pressure and Capacity of the VSD Air Compressor to Buy

When buying a vsd rotary screw air compressor, it is crucial to ensure it can supply enough compressed air for your work and at the deal pressure. Most buyers are not sure about what to buy and end up with what the salesmen recommend for them.

This is one of the many reasons you will buy a compressor that is either too small or too big for you.

There are four main reasons most people find themselves shopping for a new variable speed drive compressor.

1. Buying the first compressor
2. Replacing an old or malfunctioning compressor.
3. To increase the capacity or cfm but already owns a reciprocating compressor.
4. Need increased capacity in addition to a rotary screw compressor
So how do you identify the best VSD rotary air compressor for each of the above reasons?

1. Buying the first compressor
Start by checking the spec sheets or manuals on the air compressor. This is where you see the amount of pressure and air needed for the equipment to run. The area that needs high pressure determines the pressure required.

Also, you should add 1.5 bar to the least pressure required to help with your compressor’s pressure drop and load-unload difference. The next step is to add all your equipment’s air consumption to get its air capacity.

However, avoid buying a large variable speed drive compressor as this compressor doesn’t do well when left still for a long time.

2. A Replacement for an Outdated VSD Rotary Screw Compressor
Before you go out to shop for a new compressor, note the capacity and pressure of the current one. Since you want to upgrade to a modern one, it must come with more capacity and pressure.

However, if it was running and working adequately, go for the same pressure and capacity or increase slightly.

3. Upgrading From a Reciprocating Compressor For Higher Capacity
Look at the pressure your reciprocating compressor is set at. But, do not check the maximum pressure because it’s definitely higher than what is needed to run your equipment.

In most cases, you are looking for a bigger compressor. You decide how big it should be depending on any additional tools or tasks that made your current compressor inconvenient at work.

Once you buy a VSD rotary screw compressor, it has to be the primary compressor because it doesn’t like being idle for long. It can become rusty and creaky.

4. Looking For More Capacity In Addition To What Your Current Rotary Screw Compressor Offers
It is common to see someone buying a compressor with the same capacity as their current one. It is not a bad idea because you can use the two alongside one another or have one as a backup.

But the excellent idea is to buy an advanced and bigger variable speed drive compressor and let the old one become an emergency backup.

Benefits of Buying A Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor

• Adjustable power amount
A VSD rotary screw air compressor can adjust the amount of power according to CFM demand. This is why it comes in handy in companies where the need for compressed air varies according to the day, shift, or season.

• Saving Energy
Saving energy is a significant advantage of VSD air compressors. Unlike a fixed speed compressor that draws a high amount of energy to meet its maximum compressed air demand, VSD ramps down the RPM; it, therefore, lowers the power consumption when the need for compressed air reduces.

Depending on how much compressed air is used in your company, the variability of different processes adds up to a lot of money saved due to energy saving. The higher the variability amount in your processes, the more energy savings you make.

• Low Starting Currents
A VSD controlled motor has low starting currents, which eliminates the big demand spikes that occur in motors running on fixed speeds.

The inrush current is very high when a fixed speed motor is first energized. But a VSD converter has a soft start and stop, which automatically controls its levels of acceleration and deceleration, leading to reduced amperage peaks.

In turn, this lowers the distribution of internal power. With VSD air rotary compressor, you can avoid penalties imposed by some power companies due to big amperage spikes.

• System Longevity
A compressor with a VSD motor has optimized motor speed. This reduces any stress on various electrical and mechanical components of the compressor and leads to system longevity.

• Consistent Pressure
A VSD rotary screw air compressor is more consistent with the production of pressure for various industrial operations.

Fixed speed compressors operate with full pressure bands because the inlet valves control airflow differently from VSD. The latter is more consistent and maintains the required working pressure within a company.

• Reduces Less Down
When your compressor last longer, you are assured consistent production. You do not waste time with repairs when working with a VSD. However, you should schedule maintenance for your variable speed air compressor to optimize your production.


There is a wide variety of variable speed drive compressor systems in the market. But most of them are great, depending on the task you want to complete. They are low noise and extremely convenient.

What’s more, the compressors are engineered by experts to work both day and night continuously without experiencing any hitches.

If you are looking for long-lasting are compressors, rotary air compressors are the best choice. You will always find the right size for large industrial applications or small uses.

Check if it has the right components suitable for your worksite. These are machines you trust to carry out work 24/7. Now you have all the information regarding what an excellent compressor model should have.

Go out there and shop and find the equipment that meets your needs.