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A review of Air Compressor for Sale in Thailand and Thailand Air Compressor Market Share

A review of Air Compressor for Sale in Thailand and Thailand Air Compressor Market Share

Air compressors are essential tools that you can never miss in any industrial economy. These machines are used in basically every sector to power various devices and perform many other tasks.

This Article is meant to help air compressor buyers in Thailand understand the basics of air compressors, how to choose the right one, and where to find the best air compressor brands in Thailand.

Thailand Air Compressor Market

Thailand air compressor market share

Thailand air compressor market is anticipated to grow steadily in the next five years to account for the increasing demand for compressed air in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Additionally, the flourishing agricultural and automotive sectors in Thailand are among the most significant contributors to air compressor market growth in Thailand. This is major because air compressors are widely used in these industries to power equipment, construct engines, inflate inflatables, paint vehicles, and make air conditioning systems in greenhouses.

Thailand’s government has focused its efforts to facilitate the growth of end-user industries like manufacturing, healthcare, home appliances, and oil and gas, which will drive the demand for compressed air even further.

Additionally, the Thai government has established initiatives that maintain Thailand’s position as a leading automotive manufacturer and agricultural powerhouse. The investments in these two sectors have significantly contributed to the growth of the air compressor market in Thailand.

Thailand’s air compressor market is mostly segmented into domestic and industrial air compressors. In this respect, the market has both rotary screw and piston air compressors to meet various demands for compressed air in Thailand.

The air compressors are further categorized according to lubrication type, technology, and power. The bottom line is that the air compressor market in Thailand is diverse with every type and brand of air compressor.

Thailand air compressor brands

  • Hilliard corporation
Thailand Air Compressor Market

Hilliard Corporation was founded in 1905 as an engineering, manufacturing, and distributing company for motion control and filtration products.

The company has established a good reputation in the Thailand air compressor market. Hilliard has a vast knowledge of application and strict quality standards that makes the company a leading supplier of air compressors in Thailand.

The company’s extensive portfolio of air compressors and compressed air systems can be modified to meet new applications. Hilliard air compressors and compressor parts are made with the quality that meets the most demanding applications in the market. The company is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm, which adds to the assurance of its quality products.

  • Dynamax Inc
Thailand Air Compressor Market

Dynamax, Inc. is a known air compressor brand in Thailand and other parts of the world. The company aims to maintain its position and recognition as a leader in producing and integrating air compressors and compressed air systems in Thailand.

Dynamax continued to build on its reputation by manufacturing and supplying highest grade air compressors and compressed air systems for professional, industrial, and commercial applications. Dynamax, Inc. designs and manufactures unique and beneficial compressed air systems in Thailand.

Additionally, the company helps its clients understand, regulate, and manage various compressed air systems and needs. Dynamax offers meticulous air compressor solutions and provides vital links between its products and clients.

  • Acoustiblok
Thailand Air Compressor Market

Acoustiblok is a leading provider and manufacturer of air compressors in Thailand.

The company offers a wide range of services and products for air tools for various industries in Thailand and some parts of the world. With the integration of new technology, Acoustiblok produces and supplies air compressors and air compressor parts in Thailand to meet the most demanding needs in the market.

The company is also focused on providing engineered compressed air solutions to its clients both in Thailand and other parts of the world.

  • BWB Technologies
Thailand Air Compressor Market

BWB Technologies is an independent and privately-owned air compressor manufacturing company in Thailand.

The air compressor brand also has some offices in Europe, America, the middle east, and other parts of the world. BWB offers unrivaled accuracy and low-cost air compressors that meet the demand for compressed air in various industries.

BWB technologies are integrated into compressed air systems with a series of air compressors and compressed air accessories. The company exceeds the current expectation in terms of quality, air compressor specifications, accuracy, usability, and value for money. Their products will meet all your compressed air requirements.

  • Schramm, Inc
Thailand Air Compressor Market

Schramm, Inc. is one of the oldest air compressor brands in Thailand. The company was initially founded in Chester County, Pennsylvania, before opening an air compressor manufacturing branch in Thailand.

The company is a renowned global supplier and manufacturer of air compressors. If you are looking for industrial air compressors in Thailand, this is one of the most reputable brands that you can turn to. Schramm air compressors are focused on land-based applications.

Additionally, the air compressor brand is specializing in mobile air compressors, rotary screw air compressors, and other types of industrial air compressors. Its products are mostly used in the mining, energy, geothermal, agricultural, and water sectors. Schramm air compressors’ global reach includes China, Chile, Australia, Russia, and South Africa.

Besides, Schramm also manufactures air compressors for domestic applications in Thailand as the company emphasizes on long term customer relationships. The company has been successful in the Thailand air compressor market for years and expects to grow further.


MIRATECH was established in 1992 as an air compressor manufacturer in Thailand. The company has continued to be an industry leader that offers cost-effective, reliable, and application-oriented air compressors, stationary natural gas, and diesel reciprocating air compressors in Thailand. MIRATECH is a customer-centric consulting, engineering, managing, and manufacturing company that offers compressed air solutions to various industries.

MIRATECH air compressors have a comprehensive customer offering that includes rotary screw air compressors, reciprocating air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, and stationary and portable air compressors in Thailand. Along with its high-quality products, MIRATECH has a team of engineers that offer customer-specific air compressor solutions and help in controlling emissions and meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Thai Pinnacle Engineering Co., Ltd

Thai Pinnacle Engineering Co, Ltd (TPE) is an air compressor brand based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company was founded in 1995 as a sales agency and subsidiary of GSD Industrial Company Limited.

In the beginning, the company offered various types of vacuum pumps, industrial air compressors, booster pump units, and other wastewater treatment equipment. The company also introduced chemical pump and diffuser head, multistage centrifugal pump, heavy-duty gas blowers, diesel-powered pumps, domestic and industrial compressors, agricultural pumps, and garden husbandry pumps.

With time, the company has been able to integrate technology into its products to manufacture and supply high-quality air compressors in Thailand.

  • SeAH Engineering Co., Ltd.

SeAH Engineering Co., Ltd. is an air compressor brand in Thailand. The company is specialized in producing industrial air compressors in Thailand but includes its offering to other parts of the world, such as Europe, Asia, and America.

SeAH Engineering manufactures and supplies technology-intensive air compressors that are specifically designed for industrial applications. The company has enhanced its technological value in various industrial air compressors in Thailand and abroad.

How to choose the best air compressor in Thailand

When it comes to choosing an air compressor for your needs, you have a wide range of options to consider. Industrial and commercial air compressors vary in terms of power, airflow, and pressure they produce. Additionally, they come in various sizes, designs, models, motor types, and specifications you can choose from.

You should know how to choose an air compressor that meets your requirements and get you the result you desire without hitting your bank account too hard. If you buy an air compressor that does not have enough power, for instance, you will not be able to complete your projects efficiently. What is even worse if the fact that the air compressor can even damage your air tools and pose safety hazards to whoever is handling it.

On the other hand, if you purchase an air compressor with more power, you end up spending more than what is necessary, and the additional costs may not be necessarily beneficial.

Because of such possibilities, it is essential to carefully evaluate your requirements and consider all available options when selecting an air compressor for your business.

This section serves as a Thailand air compressor buying guide that will help you when you want to buy an air compressor in Thailand. Checking out each of these factors will help you make the right buying decision.

  • Understanding air pressure and flow

The airflow in an air compressor is typically measured in cubic feet per meter (CFM).

In other brands, it is measured in liters per second (l/s). air pressure, on the other hand, is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). The airflow can be looked at as the ability of the air compressor to perform its task within an acceptable timeframe, while the pressure can be the ability to support these tasks at the same time.

The air tools or applications should determine the pressure and airflow for your air compressor.

  • Choosing the right size air compressor

A small air compressor will not produce the required air pressure and flow to complete your tasks. On the other hand, a bigger air compressor may come at an added cost in terms of buying and maintaining the machine.

Additionally, you may have many mechanical problems using a too large air compressor. Finding the right size of the air compressor requires the knowledge of what you need. Be it an upgrade to an air compressor you already have or a completely new system, ask air compressor experts to conduct an air system audit to determine your actual demand for compressed air.

If you are planning to expand your future use of compressed air, you should keep in mind that air compressors should be sized to address the actual demand for compressed air. Buy the right size of the air compressor today and add another one when the demand goes up instead of buying a bigger one at the moment, anticipating the growth.

Thailand Air Compressor Market
  • Choosing the right air compressor technology

Many air compressor manufacturers in Thailand design their products in two types: piston or rotary screw. Rotary air compressors in Thailand meet the most considerable demand in the market.

Piston or reciprocating air compressor in Thailand

Reciprocating air compressors in Thailand are mainly used in domestic applications or small workshops and garages. These models are mostly affordable and easy to maintain. However, their design comes with certain limitations. For instance:

  • Reciprocating air compressors are often loud when in operation;
  • Piston air compressors produce oil in the compressor system and need proper treatment to prevent damage to air tools.
  • Piston air compressors cannot work continuously; they can only work for up to 60% of their duty cycle.
  • Reciprocating air compressors require frequent cooling to prevent overheating of the compressor system.

If the disadvantages mentioned above will not impact your applications, a reciprocating air compressor may be a more affordable option for you.

Rotary screw air compressors in Thailand

Rotary screw air compressors are more sophisticated and designed for operations that require a constant supply of compressed air because these air compressors can run continuously.

Rotary screw air compressors in Thailand are mostly used in the agricultural, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. These air compressors are often integrated with air dryers to provide clean, dry compressed air.

Thailand Air Compressor Market

Rotary screw air compressors come in a various range of sizes, measured in horsepower. Some rotary screw air compressors are mounted on air tanks to offer extra storage capacity. An integrated system combines the air compressors, air dryers, and air tanks in a single unit.

Variable speed drive

Your demand for compressed air may fluctuate as time goes by. A variable speed drive air compressor senses the fluctuations and speeds up or slows down to match the required pressure and airflow. This system is essential for industrial applications since energy accounts for more than 70% of the total cost of operations.

VSD air compressor reduces the cost of energy by up to 50%. VSD air compressors in Thailand are increasingly becoming a norm, with many users going for energy-efficiency to reduce their operational costs.

The bottom line

Air compressors come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and specifications. Choosing the right one for you requires that you know what you need and where to get it. If you are in Thailand and looking to buy an air compressor, you can choose from one of the listed brands in this Article. However, if you want China-made air compressors in Thailand, you can opt for

Sollant air compressors.

Sollant air compressors are designed and manufactured using Germany technology and Chinese accessories to offer reliable, energy-efficient, and high-quality air compressors.

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