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Symptoms before screw air compressor failure

  1. Abnormal noise and vibration. Abnormal sound during operation and severe vibration during operation are “alarms” for equipment failure.


  • The reasons for the abnormal noise of the screw air compressor may include: the bearing of the main engine is worn, the shaft is unbalanced, the male and female rotors are damaged; the main engine is overloaded, the pressure is suppressed or the pressure of the pipe network is unbalanced; the bolts, nuts, gaskets and fixing brackets are loose ;Foreign objects and objects have fallen into the device.


  • It may be that as the running time of the compressor unit is close to the overhaul period, at this time, the axial and radial channeling of the screw gradually tends to the maximum allowable design value. This change will lead to large changes in the gap between the screw and the screw, between the screw and the main casing, and between the front and rear end faces, resulting in friction, vibration and various noises.


  1. Running, dripping and dripping. Leakage of lubricating oil and other equipment; leakage of compressed air, etc., and sometimes the sound of air leakage can be clearly heard; leakage of circulating cooling water, etc.


  • The main causes of leakage are aging or insufficient maintenance of equipment and accessories, especially poor behavior or carelessness of employees. These seemingly minor problems can have serious consequences, even though they are hidden behind the scenes. Taking compressed air as an example, leakage will not only directly waste expensive electric energy and cause a charge burden, but also cause a drop in system pressure, a decrease in the working efficiency of pneumatic equipment, and shorten the service life of the equipment. At the same time, air leaks will result in more frequent equipment cycling, increasing the running time of the air compressor, which will lead to additional maintenance requirements and possible increased unplanned downtime. In short, leaks of compressed air add unnecessary compressor capacity.


  • Leaks, combined with the common problem of systems operating at higher pressures than required, will result in what is known as “false demand,” which keeps the compressor under load with no time to rest. All of these can adversely affect productivity and shorten the life of nearly all system equipment and air tools. Excessive energy use and shortened equipment life are the double whammy of leakage to plant owners and must be taken seriously.


  1. Special smell. When the motor overheats and lubricating oil enters the cylinder and burns, it emits a peculiar smell. There is a burnt smell when electrical shorts and insulating materials such as ground wires burn.


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