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The difference between air compressor solenoid valve and electric valve

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Solenoid valve is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetic. It is an automatic basic component used to control fluid. It belongs to actuator and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. Simply put, the electric valve is to use an electric actuator to control the valve, so as to realize the opening and closing of the valve, also called air conditioning valve. So, what is the difference between a solenoid valve and an electric valve?


  1. The working principle is different.


  • The principle of the solenoid valve is to use electricity as the energy source, and then drive the solenoid coil to perform switch regulation, and the solenoid coil will generate magnetic attraction to overcome the pressure of the spring to drive the valve core to move. This structure is simple and cheap, but it can only be realized switch.


  • Although the electric valve also uses electricity as energy, it passes through the motor, and has three states: open, closed, and half-open.

  1. The difference in use.


  • Solenoid valve: It is used for the switch control of liquid and gas pipelines. It is a two-position DO control and is generally used for the control of small pipelines.


  • Electric valve: used for analog adjustment of liquid, gas and wind system pipeline medium flow, AI control. Especially in the control of large valves and wind systems, electric valves can also be used for two-position switch control.

  1. Differences in process requirements.


  • Solenoid valves have some special process requirements in the production process. Because the solenoid valve has many functions, such as shunting, regulating and other functions, the requirements for the tightness and pressure resistance of the medium are relatively high, so the price is relatively high.


  • The function of the electric valve is relatively simple, mainly to play a regulating function in the system, so the price is relatively cheap.


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