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Screw air compressors choose high quality, not low price

Sollant two stage air compressor


When many users buy an air compressor, they will first ask for the price. If the price is too expensive, it will not be considered. Most users say they only want to buy cheap air compressors.


According to statistics, the energy consumption of air compressors accounts for about 15% of the total electricity consumption of enterprises. In addition, in the preparation process of compressed air, about 90% of the electricity is converted into heat, and only 10% is converted into compressed air. Therefore, it can be seen that the energy consumption of the air compressor is very huge.

Sollant two stage air compressor

When buying an air compressor, it is understandable to choose a cheap one. This is to save costs and save money. However, when buying an air compressor, the cost in the traditional sense only accounts for 25% of the total cost, while energy consumption accounts for 75%. As we all know, the service life of the screw air compressor is very long, generally more than 10 years. If you buy a cheap air compressor that does not save electricity, the annual power consumption will be huge.

Sollant two stage air compressor

What you save when you buy a machine is only a little bit. If you buy an energy-saving and power-saving air compressor, the price will be higher than that of ordinary air compressors, but it can save tens of thousands of electricity bills for enterprises every year.


In addition, due to the continuous long-term high-speed operation of the screw air compressor, various failures will inevitably occur. A high-quality air compressor cannot guarantee that it will not have problems, but compared with a cheap air compressor, the chance of failure will be much smaller. Cheap air compressors have a high failure rate and are prone to failure. When the machine fails, it will require huge maintenance costs.

Sollant Focus on Energy Saving

Sollant two stage air compressor

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