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Screw air compressor wearing parts: air filter

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The air filter is one of the vulnerable parts of the screw air compressor. The air compressor filter is composed of an air filter assembly and a filter element. The outside is connected to the intake valve of the air compressor through a joint and a threaded pipe to filter the air Impurities such as dust and particles. Different screw air compressor models can choose the air filter to be installed according to the intake air volume. Symptom: Filter clogging The clogging of the air filter will lose the energy consumption and waste electricity of the screw air compressor, and it is easy to be penetrated by dust. Too much dust entering the screw air compressor will affect the service life of the screw air compressor oil, and will also cause the oil and gas separator to block.


1. The filter element is the core component of the filter. It is made of special materials and is a vulnerable part that requires special maintenance.

2. When the filter works for a long time, the filter element retains impurities, which will cause the pressure to increase and the flow rate to decrease, so it needs to be cleaned in time.

3. When cleaning, be careful not to deform or damage the filter element. The filter paper in the filter is also one of the keys. The filter paper in a good filter usually uses fine fiber paper filled with synthetic resin, which can filter impurities and has a strong ability to store dirt. The filter also has great requirements on the strength of the filter paper. Due to the large air flow, the strength of the filter paper can resist strong air flow, ensuring filtration efficiency and prolonging the service life of the equipment. The pore size of the filter paper is about 10um, and the dust on the surface should be removed every 1000 hours. The method of removal is to blow the dust from the inside to the outside with low-pressure air. The air filter is equipped with a differential pressure controller. If the air filter is clogged on the display panel, it means cleaning or replacing the air filter.

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