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Rotary Air Compressor

Rotary Air Compressor

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As an important form of energy generation, the rotary air compressor is widely used in all aspects of life and production. Sollant rotary air compressor is durable and its appearance is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate cover. It adopts a spray molding process and high-temperature baking at 250 ° C. It is corrosion-resistant and durable for a long time.

Sollant offers 0.8 cfm - 125 cfm rotary air compressor, for meeting your various industrial needs. 415V Voltage, 8 bar/10 bar/12 bar adjustable pressure, fixed speed/PM VSD type support.


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Rotary air compressor

Sollant provides you with perfect business support. Any part of the main unit or accessories of the air compressor is damaged during transportation. Sollant will mail a new for free to customers within 2 days.

In case of technical problems, our engineers will check the cause of the fault with your video phone as soon as possible and solve it. If it's necessary or a large project, we can send engineers to your local area to help solve it

Why Choose Sollant
Rotary Screw Air

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • Its system has the design advantage of small size.
  • Low cost but high quality with long service life.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • Lower noise of air compressor operation.
  • Few parts, easy assembly for clients.
  • Sollant’s rotary air compressor does not leak oil.

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Rotary Air Compressor Guide

Screw Air Compressor Air Dryer


Are you planning to buy a rotary air compressor for sale?

Well, you should proceed to do so.

However, before buying one, you must be well guided about this device.

Since information is power, having the right data about a rotary air compressor will help you choose the right one for your application.

Rotary air compressors come in different specifications.

Or, which compressor should I buy?

If you want to make the right decision, read on as we guide you on how to buy the best rotary air compressor for sale.

What is a Rotary Air Compressor?

A rotary air compressor is a type of air compressor that uses two asymmetric rotors to compress the air.

The rotors for this type of air compressor have a unique shape, and they tend to turn towards opposite directions hence leaving a minimal clearance between them.

These rotors are covered by two-shaft jackets that provide a cooling effect.

Take note that rotary compressors are very different from the reciprocating compressors.

The main difference is rotary compressors do not use valves to control the movement of air.

They are also lighter and have minimal vibration.

In terms of size, rotary air compressors come in different sizes.

You can choose to buy a small rotary air compressor or go for a large depending on your needs and application area.

Do I Need a Rotary Air Compressor?

diesel air compressor manufacturer

Who should buy a rotary air compressor? Am I the right person to buy this device?

These are just some of the questions that you may be asking yourself about a rotary air compressor.

There are several criteria that you can use to gauge whether you are the right person to buy a rotary air compressor.

You should buy a rotary air compressor if:

  • You have either a large or a small production facility or factory. The compressor can be used for either application.
  • You have a big garage or workshop
  • You need large volumes of compressed air
  • You need compressed air on a continuous basis
  • You are tired of the reciprocating air compressor, so you want to replace it If you fit in any of the above conditions, then know that you are an ideal buyer for the rotary air compressor.

Components of a Rotary Air Compressor

Rotary Air Compressor Extras/ Accessories

Although there are essential parts of a rotary air compressor, you may wish to add extras.

Some rotary air compressor manufacturers even opt to sell the compressors with pre-installed extras.

The primary purpose of these accessories is to improve the efficiency and overall performance of a rotary air compressor.

1. Rotary air compressor with dryer

Naturally, compressed air tends to be wet. A rotary air compressor is integrated with the dryer so that this air is dried.

Wet air tends to have deposits of oil, which can cause mechanical damage to the machine. This means that compressor with dryer is likely to last for a long time.

2. Rotary air compressor with condensate traps

Although it is not a very vital accessory, you may still need it for the exemplary performance of the rotary air compressor.

The condensate trap also filters out the condensed moisture from the compressed air. This also protects other components of the compressor.

3. Variable speed drive

This is another rotary air compressor accessory that you may consider buying later on. The work of a VSD is to increase the speed of the rotary air compressor when necessary.

This is vital as it will help you to cut down on the cost of electrical energy that is consumed by the compressor.

4. Aftercoolers

Most large or stationary rotary air compressors are equipped with aftercoolers. Without this accessory the compressor will be pumping out extremely hot air.

Aftercoolers also filter out quite a significant amount of water from the rotary air compressor. Otherwise, this water vapor will find its way into other components.

Rotary Air Compressor Pressure vs. Capacity

2 stage screw air compressor

When it comes to choosing a rotary air compressor for whichever application, there are two main parameters that you will look at.

These are pressure vs. capacity ( air compressor PSI vs. CFM).

These two determine the overall performance of the air compressor.

How can I differentiate between these two?

First, it is important to know that an ordinary rotary air compressor is capable of operating 24/7.

When buying the compressor for the first time, you should check the specification details so as to know the pressure at which it operates.

From this information, you will be able to tell the volume of air that the compressor needs.

Find out the average and the peak consumption of the rotary air compressor.

If you are buying a rotary air compressor to replace your used rotary air compressor, ensure that they are of the same pressure and air capacity.

Before you choose to upgrade your compressor to a bigger rotary air compressor, think about the implication that it will have on your business.

Rotary Air Compressor vs. Reciprocating Air Compressor: Which One Should I Choose?

When it comes to buying air compressors, you may find yourself torn between two main types of compressors.

These are rotary air compressors vs. reciprocating air compressors.

Which one should I choose and why?

To get the best answer, lets look at the key performance areas in both.

-Performance: Which one is faster between rotary air compressor vs. reciprocating compressor?

In terms of performance, a rotary air compressor performs better than the reciprocating compressor.

This simply means that it delivers more volume of air per cycle as compared to the reciprocating compressor.

On the other hand, the volume of air that is delivered by reciprocating air per cycle is quite lower than that of the rotary air compressor.

Air pulse

Rotary air compressors are known for pumping air smoothly and continuously. In other words, they don’t have pulses.

On the other hand, reciprocating air compressors tend to have pulses. This is whereby air is pumped in spurts. To minimize this problem, modern reciprocating air compressors have reservoir tanks for the storage of pumped air.

Duty Cycle

What is the duty cycle of a rotary air compressor?

When it comes to air compressors, a duty cycle is the time frame in which an air compressor can operate continuously without stopping due to overheating.

If a compressor does so, it is said to have achieved a 100% duty cycle.

For instance, if a compressor can run for 70 minutes and you wanted it to run for those minutes, it is said to have 100%.

However, if it runs for 35 minutes out of the expected 70, it is said to have achieved a 50% duty cycle.

A rotary air compressor is designed to have a 100% duty cycle. It will continue to pump air without stopping.

On the other hand, reciprocating air compressors have a 50% duty cycle.


Which one is durable between rotary air vs. reciprocating air compressor?

A rotary air compressor has an ergonomic design with minimal moving parts. It also has compressor oil seals, which prevent the parts from wearing out.

For this reason, this reason, a rotary air compressor is likely to last for long.

Reciprocating air compressors have piston rings and other components that are always hitting against each other.

The components of this compressor wear out at a fast rate; hence it is not durable.


The Rotary air compressors are lighter than the reciprocating air compressors. This is because they have fewer moving parts.

This explains why you can easily buy a portable rotary air compressor and go to use it in whichever area of application that you want.

Do Rotary Air Compressors Consume High Amount Of Energy?

90kw two stage screw air compressor

Are you concerned about the price of a rotary air compressor? Then you better rethink your choices.


The price will only take 10% of the rotary air compressor. At least 75% of the cost will go towards the cost of energy.

This is just to imply that rotary air compressors consume a significant percentage of energy.

So, what should I do to cut down on the energy consumption of the rotary air compressor?

The best thing to do is to check the energy rating of the compressor at the point of purchase.

Strive as much as possible to buy the best energy-efficient rotary air compressors.

Otherwise, you may end up incurring high cost to keep the compressor running. As a business, this will have a direct impact on your profit margin.

Benefits of Rotary Air Compressors

Still not sure whether to buy a rotary air compressor or not?

Well, let’s try to convince you by outlining the following benefits that you stand to gain:

-Excellent performance- Rotary air compressors deliver the best performance. One thing that makes this possible is they supply air continuously.
These compressors also deliver large volumes of air hence sustaining the operation of the machines for long.

-Safe and convenient: The minimal design of a rotary air compressor improves its convenience. You can handle it easily without worrying about safety issues.
Rarely will you hear of accidents that have been caused by rotary air compressors?

-Energy-efficient: Most rotary air compressors don’t consume high electrical energy. This means that you won’t be forced to pay a high electricity bill.
However, you still need to be careful with the air compressor that you buy.

-Minimum contamination of oil: Rotary air compressors don’t use high volumes of oil. This ensures that there is almost zero contamination.
This feature makes them ideal for sensitive applications.

-Minimum noise: The air compressor operates quietly because it does not have many moving parts.
This means that it will not cause too much interference in any working environment.

-Durable- Rotary air compressors are constructed to last for years. You don’t have to worry about replacing your compressor constantly.
This type of compressor is also easy and cheap to maintain.

What are the Applications of Rotary Air Compressor?

Rotary air compressors have a wide range of applications. The most notable ones include:

-Medicine ad drugs
Chemical industry
-Paper making
-Textile industry
-Transport and automotive industries
-Electric and electronics
Among many others.

Where to Buy the Best Rotary Air Compressor?

Are you looking for the best rotary air compressor for sale?

Where you buy from matters.

As a potential buyer, you should strive to buy from the best rotary air compressor manufacturer.

Why not buy from any other seller?

It is only a reputable rotary air compressor manufacturer that can assure you about the quality of the product.
Not sure which manufacturer to choose?

Find a list of the best rotary air compressor manufacturers. Go through each manufacture and find out their credentials.

You will be able to filter out the best ones.

Compare the price of a rotary air compressor then make your final decision.


I hope now, with this guide, you are ready to buy the best rotary air compressor.

Don’t be in a rush to buy it. Instead, take your time to gather all that you need to know about the rotary air compressor.

Seek advice and views from experts and ask them for opinions about different air compressors in the market.

At the end of it all, you will be able to buy want you always wanted.


Choosing the right rotary air Choosing the right rotary air compressor