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Reasons and solutions for oil injection of permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor—Shared by Sollant

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The wide use of permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressors has greatly developed the vacuum equipment. In the process of using permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressors to generate vacuum, many industries are always thinking about how to solve some problems and avoid later problems.

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So how to solve the fuel injection problem of the vacuum pump?


  1. Compression screw seal failure:

If the compression screw seal of the screw air compressor is faulty or worn, it may cause lubricating oil to enter the compression cavity, causing oil injection. It is the suction pipe or pumping container of the vacuum pump that is not sealed enough, and the suction piping system is suddenly exposed to the atmosphere. After the air contains a lot of water, it is sucked into the pump body, and the water seeps into the vacuum oil, causing the vacuum pump to spray oil.

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  1. Excessive lubricating oil:

If excessive lubricating oil enters the air compressor, it may cause oil spraying. This can be caused by a clogged oil filter, a malfunctioning lube oil system, or human error.

  1. Reverse connection of the motor:

When the user first uses it, due to the reverse connection of the motor, the motor of the rotary vane vacuum pump may be reversed, and the rotation direction of the vacuum pump rotor may be reversed.

  1. Lubricating oil quality problems:

Low quality or contaminated lubricants may cause oil spraying.

  1. Pressure regulation problem:

If the pressure regulator is faulty or improperly adjusted, it may cause the working pressure of the air compressor to exceed the design range, causing oil injection.The adjustment parameters of the pressure regulator include working pressure range and stability, etc. If it is not set properly, it may cause the output pressure of the air compressor to exceed the design range, causing oil injection. The solution is to correctly adjust the parameters of the pressure regulator according to the requirements of the air compressor to ensure that the working pressure is stable within the specified range.Reasons and solutions for oil injection

  1. Control system problems:

If the control system of the air compressor fails or the parameters are set incorrectly, it may cause fuel injection.

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  1. Check that the place where the seal is not tight is well sealed. If a permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor is used as a vacuum suction cup, it is recommended to install a vacuum tank in the suction pipe of the vacuum pump, pump the vacuum tank to negative pressure, and then suck the suction cup through the negative pressure of the vacuum tank. Check and replace seals to ensure good sealing performance.
  2. Open the oil valve and drain excess oil.
  3. Just replace any two connection positions of the motor
  4. Determine the applicable lubricating oil specification: First, consult the instruction manual of the air compressor or contact the manufacturer to determine the lubricating oil specification applicable to your air compressor. This includes information such as the oil’s viscosity grade, performance specifications and recommended change intervals. Check and clean the oil filter and make sure the lube oil system is working properly. The standard oil level should be based on the center of the sight glass. And regularly carry out oil testing and replacement.
  5. Check and adjust the pressure regulator to ensure that the working pressure is within the normal range.
  6. Check the electrical connection and parameter settings of the control system to ensure that the system operates normally.

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