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Factors Affecting the Price of Screw Air Compressor

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The price of the screw air compressor is determined from the material, quality and other factors of the air compressor.

The main cost of the air compressor comes from the main engine, so some manufacturers choose a small main engine to save costs, but the size of the main engine determines the gas output of the air compressor. If the cost of the main engine is reduced and the size is reduced, how can the gas production be achieved?— —Adjust the host speed.

The size of the screw is reduced. In order to ensure the gas production of the screw machine, some manufacturers increase the speed to meet the gas consumption standard.

This approach has the following disadvantages:

1. The higher the rotation speed of mechanical products, the more unstable the performance, and the “explosion” of the host is prone to occur.

2. The temperature rises at high speed, the oil cannot take away the heat in time, and it is prone to irreparable high-temperature shutdown. (The speed of the main engine is increased, and the temperature is adjusted to a critical point, so that the cooler is slightly dirty and causes a high-temperature shutdown, which cannot be repaired)

3. High rotation speed leads to accelerated wear of the screw and shortens the service life.

4. The higher the speed of mechanical equipment, the greater the noise, and the noise is more harmful to the human body.

5. Energy saving (after the speed increases, the required electric energy will definitely increase, and the cost will also increase)

The material of the screw air compressor host affects the price of the host

1. The host adopts forged steel

Forged steel refers to various forgings and forgings produced by forging. The quality of forged steel parts is higher than that of steel castings, and it can withstand large impact forces. The plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are also higher than those of steel castings. Therefore, forged steel parts should be used for some important machine parts. The expansion coefficient of the rotor is small, it is not easy to deform, the wear is small, and the leakage is small, so the efficiency is high and the service life is long.

2. The main machine is made of ball-milled cast iron

The carbon in cast iron is precipitated in the form of graphite. If the precipitated graphite is in the form of strips, the cast iron is called gray cast iron or gray cast iron; Or code iron, and cast iron when it is spherical is called ductile cast iron.

In the production process of ductile iron castings, some holes with a diameter of about 0.5-3mm and smooth inner walls in the shape of spherical, oval or pinholes are often found after heat treatment, shot blasting or machining. The distribution of the lower 2-3mm is the so-called subcutaneous stomata.

The formation of subcutaneous pores is due to the high tension on the surface of the magnesium-containing iron liquid, which is easy to form an oxide film, which has a certain effect on hindering the discharge of precipitated gases and intrusive gases. These gases will form pores if they stay subcutaneously. In addition, the mushy solidification characteristics of ductile iron make the gas passages blocked earlier, which will also promote the formation of subcutaneous stomata defects.

Another factor that affects the price of screw air compressors is the air compressor accessories: air filter, oil filter, oil-gas separation core, oil-gas separation system, oil separator core, lubricating oil, etc., when choosing a screw air compressor Don’t blindly seek cheapness.

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