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The more fuel injection quantity of the screw air compressor, the better?

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Lubricating oil has many benefits and keys to oil-injected screw air compressors. Is more fuel injection better? Obviously not! The amount of oil injected is usually determined by the heat balance calculation of the compressor, assuming that the discharge temperature is equal to the discharge oil temperature. In addition, the lubrication of bearings and speed-up gears (if any) should also be considered. In particular, different gas media, different pressure ratios, flow sizes, speeds, etc. will affect the design of the fuel injection volume.

For example, a gas with a high compression ratio has a high density, can take away more heat, and requires less lubricating oil; an air compressor with a small volume flow rate has relatively low volume efficiency, and needs to increase lubricating oil circulation and strengthen sealing; air compressors with high-speed leakage are relatively Smaller, but interferes with increased fuel consumption and requires less fuel injection.

In summary, determining the circulation of lubricating oil is a complex computational and experimental process. While ensuring that the exhaust gas temperature does not exceed the standard and the components of the machine head are fully lubricated, it can reduce the amount of lubricating oil sprayed, ensure the service life of the oil, and test the design capabilities of the screw air compressor factory. Looking at the screw air compressor market today, few people actually design the fuel injection volume through calculation and experimentation. In actual engineering, the general air compressor factory designs according to the specifications provided by the main engine factory or the fuel injection parameters in the parameter table.

“More than less” is the choice of too many OEMs with little design capability. Note: How much oil is added to the oil and gas barrel has nothing to do with the amount of fuel injected, it is two different things. A statement that is not accurate but explains the problem is that under the same conditions, the fuel consumption is relatively small, and the design level of the whole machine/main engine is relatively high.

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