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How do inferior filter elements harm permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors

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Inferior air compressor air filters are those air filters with relatively rough workmanship and useless filtering effect. You must know that the air filter is the protective umbrella for the heart of the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor. If you want to be cheap, use an inferior air compressor Air filter, then the result of the formation is outweighed. So, how does a poor quality filter element harm the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor?


  1. The air filter of inferior air compressor will shorten the service life of compressor oil. The air filter of poor quality air compressor is the same as the rough filter paper, which cannot effectively block the dust in the air, so that the dust with larger particles can easily pass through the filter paper and enter The inside of the air compressor makes the air compressor oil quickly become dirty, which directly shortens the service life of the compressor oil.


  1. The air filter of the inferior air compressor will damage the rotor of the air compressor. As mentioned above, the air filter of the inferior air compressor will easily make the compressor oil dirty, so the air compressor oil rich in large particles of dust is inside the machine After cycling, it will directly cause scratches on the surface of the rotor of the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor. In the slightest, the gap between the rotors will increase, and the noise of the air compressor host will become louder. In severe cases, the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor will be directly invalidated.


  1. The air filter of inferior air compressors will accelerate the wear of the bearings. The bearings at both ends of the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor host are also lubricated by air compressor oil, and the air compressor oil mixed with large particles of dust will also cause heavy-duty bearings Accelerated wear and tear, which could have been used for 80,000 to 100,000 hours, may not take 20,000 to 30,000 hours, and the host will collapse and be disassembled for overhaul.


  1. The air filter of the inferior air compressor will cause the compressor to have defects such as high temperature. The compressor oil rich in dust is circulated in the internal pipeline of the air compressor, which will pollute every part of the air compressor, for example: causing air The pressure oil filter is easy to clog, the interior of the radiator is easy to deposit carbon, and the temperature control valve spool does not work well. Once these local defects appear, the direct manifestation is the high temperature of the air compressor. Summary: Although the air filter of inferior air compressors is cheap, compared with the damage suffered by the air compressor itself, the money saved is really negligible. When maintaining the air compressor, try to use the original or high-quality ones Accessories.


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