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How to avoid high temperature jumping failure of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor in summer?

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The high temperature jumping failure of a permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor in summer can be avoided by taking the following measures:

1.Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of the compressor is essential to ensure that it is running efficiently. This includes cleaning the compressor and its cooling system to remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated over time.

2.Ensure adequate ventilation: The compressor needs adequate ventilation to dissipate heat. Make sure that the compressor is located in a well-ventilated area with sufficient space around it to allow air to circulate freely.

3.Install an additional cooling system: If the ambient temperature is too high, you may need to install an additional cooling system to keep the compressor from overheating. This can include adding a cooling fan or a water-cooling system.

4.Use synthetic lubricants: Using synthetic lubricants can help reduce the friction and heat generated by the compressor’s moving parts. These lubricants are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and can help prolong the life of the compressor.

5.Reduce the load on the compressor: Try to reduce the load on the compressor by operating it during cooler periods or by using it in combination with other compressors to distribute the load.

By implementing these measures, you can reduce the risk of high temperature jumping failure of your permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor in summer.

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