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Sollant’s high-performance two-stage screw compressor: providing reliable power for industrial production

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Sollant’s high-performance two-stage screw compressor plays a key role in industrial production. It realizes the gas compression process through two stages of screw rotors, providing reliable power for various applications.

Here are a few of the key features and benefits of Sollant’s high-performance two-stage screw compressors.

high efficiency:

The high-performance two-stage screw compressor has excellent compression efficiency and can effectively compress gas to the required pressure. By optimizing screw geometry, improving material quality and coating technology, and reducing internal leakage, high-performance compressors can maximize the conversion of input power into compression energy and reduce energy losses.

Wide operating range:

The high-performance two-stage screw compressor can adapt to a wide range of working conditions. Relying on Sollant’s core technology and based on customer needs, we provide customers with customized gas solutions. Whether it is high pressure, low pressure, high flow or low flow demand, high-performance compressors can provide stable compression capacity. This makes them suitable for use in various industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, automobile manufacturing, etc.

Reliable and stable:

High-performance two-stage screw compressor with outstanding reliability and stability. They use high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure long-term and stable operation of the equipment. In addition, Sollant has many core technology patents and various international certificates such as CE, ISO, ASME, and French BV. It is equipped with advanced control systems and fault monitoring technology, which can monitor equipment status, diagnose faults in real time, and take corresponding measures to ensure that the equipment reliability and availability.

Low noise and vibration:

High-performance two-stage screw compressors are designed and manufactured with attention to reducing noise and vibration levels. By optimizing the screw shaft system structure, adopting effective vibration reduction measures and noise isolation technology, high-performance compressors can provide lower noise and vibration levels, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

Simplified maintenance:

High-performance two-stage screw compressors typically have simplified maintenance requirements. For example, it adopts easy-to-access and replaceable parts design, automatic lubrication system, intelligent maintenance prompts, etc. These features make equipment maintenance more convenient, reduce downtime, and improve maintenance efficiency.

energy saving:

Sollant actively responds to the global call for “peak carbon and become carbon neutral”, and its high-performance two-stage screw compressor focuses on environmental protection and energy conservation. By adopting advanced energy-saving technologies and control strategies, such as variable frequency speed regulation, intelligent control algorithms and heat recovery technology, high-performance compressors can minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions and reduce their impact on the environment.


In summary, high-performance two-stage screw compressors have significant advantages in industrial production. Its high efficiency, wide operating range, reliability and stability, low noise and vibration, simplified maintenance, environmental protection and energy saving make it a reliable power source in various industrial applications. By selecting and applying high-performance compressors, companies can improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and provide reliable power for industrial production.


As a world-renowned air compressor manufacturer, Sollant is a compressed air system manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. In order to realize the diversified value of customers and meet the differentiated gas needs of customers in different industries, Sollant continues to With a large investment in technology research and development, the current product series include: laser cutting special air compressor series, oil-injection screw air compressor series, diesel air compressor series, centrifugal air compressor series, low-pressure air compressor series, oil-free air compressor series Machine series, diaphragm air compressor series.




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