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Common problems and solution suggestions during the installation process of variable frequency screw air compressor

The end of construction does not mean that the compressor installation has been completely completed. Equipment debugging, testing, trial operation, acceptance, etc. are all compressor installation projects. Moreover, with the improvement of standardization and modernization of production equipment, the installation and debugging process of electromechanical equipment has become increasingly complex, which requires that the time of each process must be carefully considered before the compressor is installed. Generally speaking, compressor installation problems mainly include the following:


  1. Vibration problem


Vibration problems are usually caused by three reasons: ① large bearing clearance, poor concentricity between the rotor and the housing or excessive friction between the rotor and the stator; ② unbalanced motor rotor or uneven air gap between the motor rotor and the stator; ③ installation process The process operating parameters deviate too much from the rated parameters, causing an imbalance in operational stability. Therefore, the installation process should be as close as possible to the rated parameters.

  1. Bolt connection problem


The most basic assembly in compressor installation is the bolt connection, so it is also the area that requires the most attention. If the operation is not in place, for example, if the connection is too tight, the bolts may suffer from metal fatigue due to the long-term action of electromagnetic force and mechanical force, causing shearing, screw sliding and other components to loosen in assembly, posing potential accident risks. If the connection is not tight, the increase in contact resistance will cause the oxidation resistance of the heating contact surface to increase, eventually leading to overheating and melting of the connection, short circuit, and disconnection accidents.

  1. Electrical equipment problems


  • The circuit breaker arc contact fingers and contacts are not assembled correctly, and the insertion stroke, contact pressure, synchronicity, and opening and closing speed do not meet the requirements, which will cause the contacts to overheat and prolong the arc extinguishing time, resulting in the decomposition of the insulating medium and sudden pressure. increase, causing a circuit breaker explosion accident. ② There are errors in the assembly of the pressure regulating device or debris may fall into the mechanism during assembly. If not dealt with in time, safety accidents of varying degrees may occur. ③The insulation of the main transformer is damaged or broken down. Nuts and other debris falling into the main transformer hanging core and high-voltage pipes during installation, and errors in the installation of sealing devices will directly affect the change in the insulation strength of the main transformer, which is very likely to cause local insulation damage or breakdown, leading to a vicious accident. ④ Improper installation and operation of the isolating switch leads to insufficient contact pressure and contact area of the dynamic and static contacts, resulting in electrothermal oxidation and increased resistance on the contact surface, and finally contact ablation leading to accidents. ⑤ Due to careless installation and maintenance of the current transformer, the primary winding is open-circuited, which will generate a high overvoltage and endanger the safety of people and equipment.


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