With the development of the metallurgical industry, the demand for high-purity nitrogen is growing day by day. As an advanced nitrogen-making equipment, the PSA nitrogen generator (pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator) plays an important role in the metallurgical field by virtue of its advantages in producing high-purity nitrogen. plays an important role.

Metallurgical heat treatment of PSA nitrogen generator

The PSA nitrogen generator can provide high-quality nitrogen with a purity higher than 99.9995% and a dew point lower than -65°C. It provides protective gas and safety gas to industrial furnaces to prevent metal oxidation during heat treatment.

In processes such as bright quenching, annealing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing, etc., the high-purity nitrogen provided by the PSA nitrogen generator can be used as a nitrogen source.

Almost all heat treatment processes, including quenching, annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding, soft nitriding, carbonization, etc., can be performed under a nitrogen atmosphere.

Compared with the traditional reduced pressure gas cooling method, the quality of metal parts treated using the nitrogen method is very good.

Industrial applications of nitrogen generators

Nitrogen generators play an increasingly important role in the metallurgical industry, especially in key links such as steel production, casting and sintering.

Steel production

Steel production requires gas reactions to produce iron and steel under high temperatures and high-pressure conditions, but the presence of oxygen will oxidize the steel and affect production efficiency.

The nitrogen generator uses air separation technology to obtain high-purity nitrogen and replace the oxygen in the reactor with nitrogen to control the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere.

Ensure that the steel production reaction is carried out in a low-oxygen environment, avoiding the oxidation of steel materials and ensuring the safety and stability of the production process. The application of nitrogen generation technology has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of steel production.


Casting requires metal melting and casting in a high-temperature environment, but the presence of oxygen will cause oxides to appear on the surface of the casting, reducing the quality and surface finish of the casting.

The nitrogen generator uses gas separation technology to provide a high-purity nitrogen atmosphere, ensuring that the casting molding and cooling processes are carried out in an oxygen-free environment, eliminating oxidation and greatly improving the surface quality and smoothness of the castings.

It can be said that nitrogen generation technology has become an important means to ensure the quality of castings during the casting process and is one of the key devices to achieve high-quality metallurgical castings.


Sintering requires various physical and chemical reactions and phase changes under high-temperature conditions, but the presence of oxygen can cause thermal expansion, thermal cracking, and other problems, seriously affecting the sintering quality.

The nitrogen generator uses gas separation technology to provide a high-purity nitrogen atmosphere for the sintering furnace, thereby replacing oxygen components, effectively reducing oxygen concentration, ensuring that thermal reactions and phase changes occur in a stable low-oxygen environment, and eliminating defects such as thermal expansion and thermal cracking. of production.

It can be said that the application of nitrogen generation technology improves the safety and stability of the sintering reaction and is one of the important means to achieve efficient and high-quality metallurgical sintering.

Other metallurgical industries

Nitrogen generators are widely used in the metallurgical industry. In addition to steel production, casting, and sintering processes, they also include steelmaking, aluminum plating, ferrosilicon production, and other fields. With the advancement of technology, the application prospects of nitrogen generators are broader.

On the one hand, due to the continuous upgrading of the core technology of nitrogen generators, new nitrogen generators are more efficient and can provide higher purity and more stable nitrogen products.

On the other hand, the emergence of various gas recovery and reuse technologies reduces resource waste and lowers the cost of nitrogen production. Some new environmentally friendly nitrogen generators even achieve waste gas treatment, reduce pollution emissions, and truly achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

In summary, with technological innovation and upgrading, nitrogen generators can not only provide high-quality nitrogen for traditional metallurgical processes but can also be used in more emerging metallurgical processes. Its application scope and utility are constantly expanding, and it is playing an important role in promoting the sustainable development of the metallurgical industry. plays an important role.