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Electric portable screw air compressor series is widely used in various industries. It is of high volumetric efficiency, smooth running, advanced performance, good stability, little quick-wear parts, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Whether you need an electric air compressor for use around the house, an electric portable air compressor to use at a construction site, or a two-stage unit for your shop, Toolbarn has an electric air compressor that’s right for you. Whatever the reason you need compressed air, we carry the equipment you can count on from brands like Ingersoll Rand, Rol-Air, and Porter-Cable. Not sure exactly what you need? Check out our Air Compressor Buyer’s Guide to make sure you get the right electric air compressor.

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After the installation is finished, we will have a 24-hour test- run on the electric air compressor and conduct a series of performance tests covering safety valve performance, insulation resistance of motor and electrical appliances, air displacement temperature, oil temperature, noise, the vibration of the machine as well as the pressure, overpressure, and heating temperature test.

The quality control department and the technical support department are the two main departments in our company. There are totally 20 staff in these two depts. They are all engineers with bachelor degrees and master's degrees.

Why Choose Sollant Electric
Type Rotary Screw Air

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • Its system has the design advantage of small size.
  • Low cost but high quality with long service life.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • Lower noise of electric air compressor operation.
  • Few parts, easy assembly for clients.
  • Sollant’s electric type air compressor does not leak oil.

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Electric Air Compressor Ultimate Guide

rotor air

Overview of Electric Air Compressor

Looking for an electric air compressor can be overwhelming in case you’re curious about the language that is utilized. With such huge numbers of shifted choices and styles of compressors accessible in the market, it’s justifiable that you would be confounded.

In view of this, we’ve made this ultimate air compressor manage that will broadly expound of the numerous significant highlights a compressor has. Just as responding to any inquiries you may have about things you have to consider when buying including air compressor price.

When you’ve perused this guide, please investigate our How To Choose The Best Electric Air Compressor direct, which will walk you however which compressor you need contingent upon what you need to do with it.

What is an Electric Air Compressor?

This is a device that converts electric power into potential power, which is store in the form of pressurized or compressed air.

The compressed air is stored in some type of metallic tank and will, later on, be used for different purposes.

The compressor sucks in volumes of air and compresses (crushes) it in an enclosed tank. It increases its pressure by making the volume smaller. It, at that point, moves the high-pressure air to another collector tank.

Electric air compressors can vary in size from little compact compressors that can fit in a glove-box for swelling tires to mammoth responding or turbo-compressor machines found in pipeline administration, and everything in the middle.

Electric air compressors have a wide scope of applications in various industries, anyway, we know them as regularly being utilized for driving air instruments.

What Types of Electric Air Compressors are Available?

When shopping for the electric air compressors, you will encounter four main types.

These are rotary, reciprocating air compressors, dynamic air compressors, and centrifugal air compressors.

What are they, and what is the difference between these air compressor types?

They mainly differ in terms of their modes of operations. To have a better understanding, let’s have a brief look at each type of air compressor.

1. Rotary screw electric air compressor
A typical kind of electric compressor, rotary screw compressors are the absolute least demanding sorts of air compressors to deal with.

They are furnished with an inward cooling framework and don’t require a lot of upkeep. They are ordinarily huge, modern measuring machines that can be either greased up with oil.

Rotary screw air compressors produce power through two inner rotors that turn in inverse ways.
The air gets caught between the two contradicting rotors, and develops pressure inside the housing.

On account of the inward cooling framework, these air compressors are intended for nonstop use, and range in power from 5 hp up to 350 hp.

So, your 5hp electric air compressor motor can be a rotary screw.

2. Reciprocating air compressor
Another famous kind of electric start air compressor is the reciprocating compressor.

These are normally found at littler work destinations, for example, carports and home development ventures.

In contrast to the rotary screw compressor, the reciprocating compressor isn’t intended for nonstop use.

A reciprocating air compressor has more moving parts than a rotary screw compressor, and these parts are greased up with oil for smoother development.

These kinds of air compressors work by means of a cylinder inside a chamber, which compresses and dislodges the air to assemble pressure.

Reciprocating compressors can come in single or multi-organize varieties, which influences the pressure ranges they can accomplish.

3. Centrifugal air compressor
Centrifugal air compressors slow down and cool the approaching air through a diffuser so as to develop potential energy.

Due to the multi-stage pressure process, centrifugal compressors can deliver high energy despite the small size of the machine.

They require less support and maintenance than the rotary screw or reciprocating compressors and produce oil-free air.

They are commonly utilized for most demanding applications such as construction plants or steel-producing industries.

4. Dynamic air compressors
Dynamic air compressors pressurize the air by utilizing rotating impellers, which accelerate and decelerate the air. The deceleration of the air makes an expansion in pressure. A few compressors operate without oil to permit use in exceptionally sensitive conditions.

Advantages of Electric Air Compressors

Before you buy an electric air compressor, you might be thinking of a gas-powered air compressor.

What are some of the advantages that you stand to gain from the electric air compressor that you won’t enjoy with the gas compressor?

Here are the benefits of an air compressor electric motor:

-Save on energy costs: It is pretty obvious that electricity is cheaper than diesel. So you will be able to save a significant amount of money on the energy bills.

-Cheaper to maintain as compared to the gs air compressors.

-Environment-friendly: Electric air compressors do not emit carbon and other toxic gases. It is friendly to environmental conditions.

-Minimum noise: When it comes to drawing a comparison, electric compressors generate less noise than gas air compressors. This means that they can be used in the indoor environment.

-Cool temperatures: With electric air compressors, it is pretty easy to achieve cool running temperatures.

-Easy to use: The best electric air compressors are easy to use. They don’t have complex parts that will give you too much trouble when it comes to using.

I hope that with all these advantages, you should not hesitate to buy an industrial electric air compressor or even a domestic air compressor.

Applications of Electric Air Compressors?

What can I use an electric air compressor for? You may ask.

There are many uses of an electric air compressor. Some are small scale while others are large scale uses of the compressor.

This explains why we have both industrial electric air compressors while at the same time domestic air compressors.

Here are some of the most common uses of electric air compressors:

• Construction industry
• Farming in both small and large farms
• Hospitality such as hotels
• Automotive and aviation industries
• Oil and gas industries
• Mining industry
• Contracting
• Manufacturing and assembly industries
• Medical in the hospitals, pharmacies, and labs

For instance, you may require a rotary air compressor on the off chance that you need it to run ceaselessly for shower painting work. On the off chance that you should control hand apparatuses that are utilized irregularly during the day, a reciprocating electric air compressor may get the job done.

Homeowners, carpenters, temporary workers, and mechanics may utilize a reciprocating air compressor. Manufacturers, small and large organizations and governments would probably pick an electric rotary-screw air compressor.

Electric Air Compressor Parts

A typical air compressor is divided into three main parts.

These are the compressor pump, piston, and the receiver.

-Compressor Pump: This pump compresses the air and releases it Into the receiver tank. Two-stage air compressors have at least two pump chambers. By compressing the air twice, first in a bigger, low-pressure cylinder, and then in a smaller, high-pressure chamber.
Two-stage electric compressors can deliver high pressure.

-The Piston: As the cylinder in the siphon chamber moves downwards, air enters the enormous chamber through the filter and air Intake valves at air pressure.
On the upstroke, the cylinder in the huge chamber compresses the air to around 50 psi and releases it to the smaller chamber through the intercooler tube.

The Receiver: The air is cooled by a flywheel fan; this goes through the intercooler and into the smaller chamber. In the littler chamber, high pressure is utilized to compress further to the last state. As the cylinder moves upward, it compresses the air and releases it into the collector through a check valve.

Other minor parts of an electric air compressor include crankshaft, connecting rod, bearing, delivery valve, cylinder liner crankcase, compressor casing, bedplate, foundation, connecting rod, delivery valve among others.

If you want to know more air compressor parts? Talk to the electric air compressor manufacturers in China.

Since the electric air compressors come in different designs, you will be given further advice with regards to each part.

What CFM of Electric Air Compressor Do I Need?

One of the key factors to consider when buying an electric air compressor is performance.

In this case, the performance can be measured by the level of pressure that is generated by the compressor. Some people call it CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute.

When contemplating the right CFM, you should be guided by the application area of the air compressor.

Will the device be used heavily in its respective area of application?

Every individual air compressor has a maximum CFM yield that it can create.

The CFM yield must be more than the apparatus necessity, so each device will work proficiently and without issues in persistent use.

When in doubt, in case you’re running an apparatus that needs 5 CFM at 90 PSI, your compressor CFM should offer a yield in any event 1.5 occasions bigger than that.

What’s more, in the event that you have two professionals utilizing trenches simultaneously, calculate 1.5 times of the required CFM of all apparatuses included.

Should I Buy Portable Air Compressors?

What if I want to use air electric air compressors anywhere I want?

In such a situation, you should consider buying the best portable air compressors for sale.

This simply means that you can move with this air compressor anywhere you want.

Portable compressors can be an extraordinary option in contrast to the heavy, stationary compressors that will be unable to leave your garage.

On the off chance that you have tasks around the house that could utilize an air compressor, need to take a compressor on location with you, or you’d even like the one that can go with you, portable air compressors can deal with the activity.

There are many other reasons that can motivate you to buy portable air compressors.

Fill a tire out and about. On the off chance that you have to fill your tires when traveling, you will need a portable air compressor.

Portable air compressors are an advantageous option in contrast to finding a garage.

The small electric air compressors can be transported effectively as they occupy small storage spaces in a vehicle.

Some transportable models like this are electric and run off of batteries (expendable or battery-powered) or even the DC intensity of your vehicle.

They associate with your tire with a valve stem.

Despite the fact that these small electric air compressors may take more time to fill a tire than their large air compressors, it merits the hold back to have a simple way out during crises.

Buy Industrial Electric Air Compressors

When it comes to the commercial applications of air compressors, you should consider high-pressure electric air compressors.

These compressors convey high pressure that can be used for various industrial needs.

For proficient work and creation, companies utilize industrial air compressors. Industrial air compressors are useful machines utilized in huge organizations to build their products.

This machine has plenty of applications that is the reason before you buy one, you have to know certain factors.

On the off chance that you are a contractor, there are specific features that you should consider before you buy an industrial air compressor.

You should always aim at buying the best compressor for your industrial application.

For instance, one of the factors is the horsepower for the industrial air compressor. How much pressure can it generate?

The Best Electric Air Compressor Manufacturer In China

Wondering about where to buy the best electric air compressors> You should narrow down your choices to the best brands of air compressors.

China hosts a plethora of electric air compressor manufacturers. So, you should take your time to find out the credentials of each manufacturer.

At the end of it all, you will be in a position to choose one.

In conclusion, I hope that this guide has enriched you with adequate knowledge about electric air compressors.

In case you have any questions, feel free to consult from the best electric air compressor experts.

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