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How to deal with the twin-screw air compressor jumping and shutting down?



How to deal with the twin-screw air compressor jumping and shutting down?


  1. Checked the motor part, and found no obvious problems; then checked the automatic temperature protection and pressure regulation system of the air compressor, and the temperature control part was normal.


  1. After disassembling and inspecting the pressure regulating valve and the load safety valve, it was found that the rubber membrane used to withstand the pressure and adjust the pressure difference in the load safety valve was damaged, and there was a small hole in the membrane. Due to the damage of the rubber membrane, when the air supply pressure changes, the size of the air inlet of the air compressor cannot be adjusted in time, and the load of the unit does not match the power of the diesel engine, causing the diesel engine to shut down due to overload protection. After replacing the rubber membrane in the load safety valve, the fault cleared.


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