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1. Aluminum alloy pipes
2.90° elbow
3. Equal diameter tee
4. Tube to Tube Fittings
5. Reducing Tee
6. Quick plug ball valve
7. Quick connector
8. Quick connector (internal thread)
9.PU telescopic tube
10. Reducing Tee
11. Pneumatic joint
12. Dust blowing gun
13. Pneumatic triplet

Compressed Air Piping

The smooth inner surface design and high flux connections ensure a constant supply of clean air over a range of pressure drops, resulting in significant energy savings.

1. Suitable fluid: compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen, inert gas, etc.;
2. The maximum working pressure is 16bar
3. Operating temperature range: -20°C~+80°C
4. Vacuum degree: 0.13bar (absolute pressure)
5. Seamless extruded aluminum tube (in line with GB/T4437.1-2015 standard)
6. Clean Air
7. Smooth inner wall, optimized flow performance
8. High quality outer surface layer

Pipe Fittings

1. The range of pipe-to-pipe joints provides a variety of designs to help overcome the piping restrictions often encountered in industrial building structures
2. Quick connection
3. Air compressor room, the temperature is above 70°C, use high-temperature resistant sealing ring
4. Full flow design
5. Can be disassembled and re-used repeatedly
6. Non-flammable materials
7. The connection will not reduce the size of the section, ensuring that the entire pipeline has the same diameter

Installation Case