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Cause Analysis of Carbon Deposition in the Oil Circuit of Frequency Conversion Air Compressor


Why is there carbon deposits in the oil circuit?


  1. Air filtration. The dust particles inhaled with the air thicken the oil and increase the time for the oil oxidation reaction, thus accelerating the rate of carbon deposit formation. Therefore, pay attention to the correct installation of the air filter element, and replace it if it is found to be damaged during cleaning.


  1. Temperature. Obviously, different grades and types of lubricating oils have different oxidation initiation temperatures. Long-term operation of air compressors in high-temperature areas will accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil.


  1. Lubricating oil quality. Air compressor lubricating oil generally does not have carbon deposits during the specified service period, but at present there are many original oil purchase channels, and different lubricating oil brands are constantly changing, and the quality will inevitably vary. The occurrence of carbon deposition is not uncommon.


  1. The lubricating oil has been used beyond the expiry date. After the lubricating oil exceeds the specified service life, the service time can be extended appropriately according to the appearance of the lubricating oil. Even if it does not exceed the time limit, the oil use period should be shortened with the increase of temperature. In this case, the air compressor will not be able to operate due to carbon deposits in a short period of time. The method of maintenance and cleaning of carbon deposits in the oil circuit and machine head. If the carbon deposits in the oil circuit and the main engine are not too serious, you can use an online cleaning agent (compressor online carbon deposit cleaning agent or cleaning oil). The main engine that has been killed or the pipeline with serious carbon deposits can be directly placed in a container for soaking and cleaning; The main engine can close the outlet pipeline and oil pipeline and then pour cleaning agent into it for soaking. The soaking time is subject to the instructions of the cleaning agent. Generally, it is 8-12 hours. Some cleaning agents are more corrosive and should strictly abide by the soaking time required.


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