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Diaphragm machines are widely used in various industrial fields, especially when it is necessary to pump high-viscosity, corrosive or granular liquids.

sollant diaphragm compressor

The following are some common application areas:


Chemical industry: used to transport corrosive media, various chemical raw materials and waste liquid treatment.


Oil and gas industry: used to transport crude oil, petroleum by-products and liquid natural gas.

sollant diaphragm compressor

Food and beverage industry: for conveying food, beverages and thick liquids.


Sewage treatment industry: used to treat sewage, mud and waste water.

sollant diaphragm compressor

Pharmaceutical industry: used to transport liquid medicines, solutions and biological agents.


Mining industry: used to convey dense slurry and ore slurry.

sollant diaphragm compressor

Agricultural field: used for irrigation, chemical fertilizer spraying and pesticide application.

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sollant diaphragm compressor

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