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Air Compressor Summer Tips

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High temperature will cause a series of air compressor failure problems, such as insufficient air supply of air compressor, which will cause high temperature trip in severe cases, which will affect the production of enterprises and cause irreparable economic losses.


  1. Ventilation in the air compressor room To keep the air compressor room cool and ventilated, install a cooling fan in the machine room.


  1. Clean and blow frequently Clean and blow the dust-proof sponge, air filter element, cooler, frequency converter, etc. every week. The cooling fins of air-cooled air compressors should be cleaned of dust and dirt frequently to avoid clogging; water-cooled air compressors should pay attention to removing dirt from the cooler to ensure heat exchange efficiency.


  1. Frequent inspection Check the fan and temperature control valve of the air compressor regularly to ensure that they can work normally.


  1. Add cooling liquid in a timely manner. The cooling liquid has the function of sealing and lubricating, as well as the function of cooling medium temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to check the oil level regularly and add coolant in time to ensure sufficient oil.


  1. Keep the compressed air system and oil circuit system of the air compressor unimpeded. Do a good job in daily air compressor maintenance and maintenance, replace the filter element consumables on time, and ensure the smooth flow of the compressed air system and oil circuit system.


  1. Check the drainage system every day. Regularly drain the air storage tank, filter and cold dryer of the air compressor.


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