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Cause Analysis of High Temperature Overheating of Air Compressor




Cause Analysis of High Temperature Overheating of Air Compressor


  1. External environmental factors: (1) The installation design of the air compressor is improper, and there is no heat dissipation gap around the machine; or the heat dissipation gap is too small. (2) The temperature around the air compressor is too high or it is exposed to direct sunlight outdoors, resulting in high intake air temperature and high exhaust temperature. (3) The environment around the air compressor is dusty. The radiator is attached with dust molecules or oil molecules. Long-term accumulation of blockage. (4) The radiator is blocked by catkins. You can use mesh to surround the air inlet and outlet for prevention, and if it has been contaminated, you can wipe it with a wet towel or roll felt. During the installation process of the air compressor, ventilation and cold shelter should be considered in advance to prevent the temperature of the air compressor from being too high in summer, and the related pipes of the air compressor in winter are frozen and cannot be turned on.


  1. Maintenance delay. (1) There are too many impurities in the “three filters” and they are blocked. (2) The coolant is insufficient or the cylinder is scuffed. (3) It is very important to maintain the air compressor regularly during use, so as to give the air compressor a stable battery life.


  1. Caused by machine failure. (1) Strike of pressure relief valve or unloading valve: Check the pressure delivery valve assembly and unloading valve to see if it is blocked or parts need to be replaced. (2) Leakage of the air brake system: Check the brake system parts and pipelines, and replace the faulty parts in time. (3) The power supply voltage is too high or too low, and the motor bearings are seriously worn: professional technicians adjust the power supply voltage and check the condition of the motor.


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