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Daily maintenance content of frequency conversion screw air compressor

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Daily maintenance content of frequency conversion air compressor:

Check the air filter element and coolant level; check the hose and all pipe joints for leakage; check that the consumable parts have reached the replacement period and must be stopped for replacement; check the exhaust temperature of the main engine (normally 70°C-95°C), High, the oil cooler must be cleaned; check the discharge of condensed water, if condensed water is found in the oil and gas barrel, it must be stopped and discharged; check whether the frequency conversion air compressor has abnormal noise.

Inverter air compressor precautions:

1. Please pay attention to the correct exhaust direction of the fan (bottom in and top out) when starting up for the first time.

2. Do not mix lubricants of different brands.

3. Please read the instruction manual for the replacement time of consumables and lubricating oil and detailed operation methods.

4. For air-cooled users, please use a blower gun to clean the radiator every week; for water-cooled users, pay attention to maintaining water quality. When the temperature is lower than 2°C, stop the fan and drain the cooling water.

The air compressors produced by Kongwei Air Compressor are complete in varieties and specifications, which can meet the different needs of users. The products include permanent magnet air compressor series, power frequency series, low-pressure screw machine series, two-stage compression series, etc. For special needs, Kongwei is good at customizing exclusive screw air compressors according to user requirements. We always adhere to the optimal procurement strategy and provide the most optimized system to ensure that each air compressor achieves the highest stability and the best energy-saving effect.

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