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Air compressor energy saving measures! Reduced compressed air consumption is just so amazing

160KW Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor

Main problem

1. There is waste when using compressed air in the production process.

2. There are air leakages in the main pipeline, branch pipelines, various pipe fittings and valves, and the inside of the pipeline is dirty (rust, water, sludge, etc.), which causes the friction coefficient of the inner wall of the pipeline to be too large, and some of the pipe diameters are too small, resulting in some pipe network Great resistance.

3. There is air leakage in the gas facilities on the equipment.

4. When the air supply pressure is low, the joint of the automatic winder does not meet the quality requirements and is cut off by the electric cleaner, and the joint action is repeated many times, which wastes a lot of compressed air.

5. Clean air is directly taken from the air supply pipeline, the pressure is high, and compressed air is wasted.

6. Poor effect of gas rewards and punishments, resulting in low motivation of employees to save gas.

7. The installation design of the air compressor is unreasonable, resulting in low efficiency of the air compressor. During the actual operation of the air compressor, the temperature rises and the power consumption is high.

8. There is no effective regulation of the air pressure system, resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of the air pressure system. Waste some energy.

The measures taken

1. Strengthen the roving inspection of the main gas supply pipeline, especially in places that are not easily found in daily life such as trenches, dark wells or flange joints, and timely repair and deal with leakage when found. At the same time, urge the gas-consuming departments to strengthen the elimination of equipment leakage points, standardize the behavior of gas consumption, and prevent running, popping, dripping, and leaking. Through the revision of the gas management system, the assessment of gas leakage points has been increased.

2. In order to improve the quality of gas supply, we have installed valves at the end of the pipeline in each process of gas consumption. When scale and impurities are found in the pipeline, we will use the holidays or downtime to open the valve at the end of the pipeline, and use compressed air to supply air. The pipeline is washed and cleaned, and the scale and impurities in the pipeline are blown out to reduce the frequency of damage to the air circuit components such as the solenoid valve of the automatic winder.

3. In accordance with the gas management system and assessment regulations, install air flow meters in each gas-consuming department, and strengthen the awareness of eliminating running, leaking, dripping, leaking and saving gas in each gas-consuming department.

4. Air compressor operators are required to regularly clean the exhaust building with a mop; clean the filter cloth of the air pre-filter every shift to reduce the resistance of the filter cloth and prolong the service life of the air filter.

5. Change the suction port of the air-cooled air compressor from the air-cooled air compressor room with a higher temperature to the air-cooled dryer room with a lower temperature, connect all the suction ports of the water-cooled air compressor to the outside, and reduce the suction port temperature. The suction temperature of the air compressor is reduced by 3-9°C, and the efficiency of the air compressor is increased by 1-3%.

6. Start and stop the fan of the cooling tower in time according to the change of the outdoor temperature. Stop the fan when the water supply temperature of the cooling tower is below 22°C, and turn on the fan again when the water supply temperature reaches 26°C.

7. According to the gas consumption of the gas department, adjust the number of air compressors in time to match the gas production and gas consumption of the air compressor and improve the operating efficiency of the air compressor. When installing gas equipment, try to be as close to the main air pipeline as possible to reduce the loss of compressed air resistance.

8. Regularly check the dynamic and static sealing points of the equipment and pipeline system one by one, increase the intensity of patrol inspections, pay close attention to the fluctuation of gas consumption in each process, and follow the process requirements of the gas department and the gas supply pressure standards formulated by the company. Adjust air supply pressure. Lighting and sound alarm devices are installed in important gas consumption points such as air compressor duty rooms, production workshops and laboratories, so as to detect pressure fluctuations in time and deal with failures in time.

9. Install a frequency converter on the fan of the air-cooled air compressor oil cooler. The fan has a large power and is configured according to the summer load. The highest outdoor temperature in summer can reach 35-40°C, and the lowest outdoor temperature in winter is only -18°C In addition, there is a large difference in wet bulb temperature between summer and winter, so the load of the cooling fan is very different in summer and winter, and the energy saving effect of installing the fan inverter is obvious.

10. Control the amount of compressed air used when cleaning automatic winders and other equipment:

(1) Establish a clean gas system for self-winding machines, and regulate the gas consumption and gas pressure.

(2) Transform the cleaning air pressure device of the automatic winding machine so that the pressure can be adjusted, so as to ensure the cleaning effect and save compressed air.

(3) Establish a multi-level inspection system (including the inspection of leaks), regularly inspect the use of compressed air and conduct reward and punishment assessments.

(4) Regularly clean the compressed air filter on the automatic winder to reduce compressed air resistance.

11. Set the pressure of self-winding compressed air according to the variety of spinning: too low pressure and many invalid cycles of joints, which not only wastes compressed air, but also cannot guarantee the quality of cotton yarn; too high pressure consumes a lot of energy.

12. Install a drain valve at the end of the main compressed air pipe of the automatic winder, and drain the water regularly to prolong the service life of the self-winding gas equipment.

13. Use forced circulation and other methods for the cooling air of the motor and the cooling air of the air compressor, so that the maximum wet bulb temperature of the air compressor station site is less than 29°C, and the maximum dry bulb temperature is less than 40°C.

14. In order to prolong the service life of the air filter, add an air pre-filtration system.

15. Reasonably use the heat dissipated by air compressor motors, oil coolers, after coolers and other equipment.

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