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Industrial air compressors in Israel

Industrial air compressors in Israel

When it comes to buying an industrial air compressor for your business, you will have many options to choose from. Industrial air compressors vary in terms of power, airflow, and pressure they produce. Additionally, they compare differently in terms of motor types, sizes, and designs, and all these give you the option to choose from different features that suit your needs. Therefore, you must know how to choose an air compressor that meets all you compressed air requirements and get the job done to the lowest possible cost that does not compromise efficiency and performance. If you buy an industrial air compressor with less power, then you may not get the work done reliably. On the other hand, if you purchase one with more power, you may end up damaging your equipment and risk facing safety hazards.

All the possibilities mentioned above make it necessary to carefully evaluate your needs and consider all available options in the market when choosing the best industrial air compressor for you. This guide into industrial air compressors in Israel will help you identify the best compressors for industrial use in Israel and where to get them.

Market analysis of energy-saving and environmental protection air compressor

The compressed air system in Israel accounts for almost 10% of the total industrial energy use. Compressed air is considered to be one of the most expensive utilities in any industrial facility around the world. Therefore, opportunities for potential savings have been sought and identified.

Various energy-saving measures such as the use of highly efficient air compressor motors, variable speed drive technology, prevention of potential leaks, and reducing pressure drops are some of the recent trends in the air compressor industry. Electrical air compressors are also designed with a sizeable amount of electric energy and utility bill using highly efficient motor and applying the use of VSD to match required speed and power. Additionally, there is a call in the air compressor industry to reduce the amount of emission through various energy-saving strategies.

The focus on energy-efficient air compressors that are more affordable is expected to propel the growth of oil-free air compressors in the global air compressor market. Accordingly, low installation and cost of maintenance are other factors that have enhanced the demand for oil-free air compressors.

Oil-free air compressors provide high quality compressed air that is free from contaminants and is therefore crucial for environmental conservation. Various industries, such as healthcare, pharma, semiconductor, and food and beverages, require clean compressed air that can only be provided by oil-free air compressors. The increasing use of oil-free air compressors in these industries is a driving factor of the air compressor market growth.

Additionally, these types of air compressors offer enhanced flexibility and can be easily modified to meet various needs of customers. On the regulatory front, various governments have introduced stringent measures and policies on the protection of the environment and energy conservation. All these are expected to support the growth of the air compressor market and enhance environmental preservation and energy conservation.

Based on various product spectrum, the market for oil-free air compressors is broken down into reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary centrifugal air compressors. The rotary screw air compressor market is the largest of them all and is the one that is forecasted to reach maximum market share soon. The market for rotary centrifugal air compressors is also expected to grow significantly over time due to the increasing utilization of this type of air compressor in non-mechanical applications. Additionally, the ability of centrifugal air compressors to reduce carbon impression to produce clean, fresh compressed air is another factor that makes them highly sought after. This feature makes them suitable for applications in the food and beverage industries and others that require clean, fresh compressed air.

Must industrial application of air compressors in Israel is in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. These areas require the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient air compressors to enhance efficiency and performance. Therefore, the most used air compressors are oil-free air compressors that do not emit fumes and also prevent leaks.

The air compressor market in Israel comprises all types of air compressors, but the priority is always on energy-efficiency and environmental preservation. It is common to see electric air compressors taking the majority of market share due to these reasons.

Choose the variable speed air compressor for reducing power costs.

Energy efficiency is one of the essential factors that most businesses look at when making decisions. A more efficient air compressor translates into lower energy consumption. A vast amount of energy that is lost in industrial applications and processes is mostly due to wasted energy in an air compressor installation. The effect that this has on costs is enormous, mainly because it raises bills and increases the cost of ownership.

Various technologies have been adopted to reduce such wastages by ensuring that air compressors work efficiently. One such technology is the variable speed drive (VSD).

What is a variable speed drive?

Variable speed drive is also known as variable frequency drive or regulated speed. Air compressors that use this technology are designed to alter the speed of the motor to match the demand for compressed air. This kind of drive regulates the speed of the compressor unit depending on the required amount of compressed air and therefore fluctuates the amount of power used. When the demand for compressed air is lower, the motor speed is reduced, and therefore the power consumption is also lowered.

Fixed vs. Variable Speed Drive Compressors

Conventional air compressors are fixed speed, to mean that they run at a constant continuous speed. This mechanism generates a fixed amount of compressed air at a time. These kinds of air compressors are suitable for applications that require a fixed amount of compressed air all the time. However, this scenario is often infrequent. In most cases, fixed speed air compressors operate continuously, and if the output is not required at some point, then energy is wasted in the process.

Additionally, fixed speed air compressors run without load because the stress of starting up the engine would add more pressure on the motor. The process may result in a waste of energy since the machine would be running without generating compressed air.

On the other hand, variable speed air compressors avoid such wastage by matching the output with the demand for compressed air. Variable speed drive air compressors improve plant efficiency and reduce energy wastage by producing the exact amount of compressed air that is required.

Benefits of a Variable Speed Compressor

  • Variable speed drive air compressors do not require unloading since it can start and stop under full system pressure.
  • VSDs do not lose energy through unloading and are therefore energy-efficient.
  • This type of air compressor avoids peak currents from starting air compressor motor and is therefore suitable for reducing power surges.
  • With a VSD, you have precise electrical control. The speed of the motor can be regulated to match the power requirement as per the demand for compressed air.
  • VSD minimizes system leaks. Since these air compressors run with lower system pressure, they reduce any risks of leaks.

Can I benefit from a VSD Compressor?

Many air compressor installations benefit significantly from the efficiency of a variable speed drive technology. It does not matter the type of industry you operate in. You will probably experience a variation in the amount of compressed air that your projects require. In that case, you need an air compressor that can provide the exact amount of compressed air as your tools need to avoid wastage and help minimize costs.

Combining both variable speed drive and fixed speed drive air compressors are the most economical and advantageous set-up you have for your projects. This set up would result in the most energy saved, and compressed air demand met.

Why you need industrial air compressors

Industrial air compressors come in a wide variety of models, sizes, and designs. Accordingly, they are used for various reasons and applications. Various industrial applications, such as manufacturing and processing, food and beverage processing, mining, and gas and oil, among others, require the use of air compressors to power various tools. Since thee industries operate on a large scale, you will require large industrial air compressors for efficiency. However, the size of an industrial air compressor you need will depend on the exact application and your air tools.

With various models and brands in the market, you need to know the specifications of each air compressor for your industrial applications. But first, you have to identify why you need an industrial air compressor in the first place. Here are some reasons to buy an industrial air compressor:

The main reason why you need an industrial air compressor is to power your air tools, primarily if you are operating a large project that requires more compressed air. If you are in an industry that demands more volume of compressed air, you will need a specific air compressor that matched your needs for compressed air. So, why are industrial air compressors suitable for your projects?

Noise reduction systems

Industrial air compressors are often designed with noise reduction systems to reduce rattling. Every industrial air compressor should come with a noise rating that helps you identify the amount you can tolerate. For the best air compressors that consider noise cancellation, you should opt for industrial air compressors.

Cooling system

Industrial applications often generate more heat in manufacturing and other related processes. Therefore, you need air compressors that have internal cooling mechanisms for your safety and the efficiency of your projects. Industrial air compressors often have heat-dissipating systems that prevent the compressor system from overheating. Some cooling systems use air while others are fitted with water. Besides, the cooling system can be run on centrifugal or axis cooling fans.

All in all, the cooling mechanism is very crucial, and it impacts the efficiency of the air compressor. Another exciting feature of industrial air compressors is that the air compressor often has sufficient ventilation and, therefore, suitable for indoor industrial applications. The ventilation also enhances the cooling mechanism of the compressor.

Structural protection

Air compressors have to be safely protected from various elements like debris, dust, and dirt particles, especially if they are moved between sites. This feature protects air compressors from damage and saves you a lot of money in the maintenance and replacement of parts. Critical compressor parts and fittings need more structural protection to enhance the reliability of the air compressor. Industrial air compressors are often mage using sturdy materials as a frame to enhance durability by offering structural protection as required. This is one of the reasons why you need an industrial air compressor for your applications.

Safety features

Your safety should always be your number one priority at work. Therefore, you need an air compressor that has all the essential safety features. Some of the features that make industrial air compressors a must-have for you are protective guards, around dangerous components, and automatic power-off if the system is experiencing difficulties like overheating. Such safety systems are useful for users of the machine and the machine itself and are why you should buy an industrial air compressor.

Almost every industry has a use for air compressors. The type of industry you operate in determines your choice for an industrial air compressor. The following elements help you identify the kind of industrial air compressor that suits your needs and bills:

Types of air compressors

The best air compressor for industrial applications is the industrial screw air compressor or the rotary screw air compressor. This type provides enough power for industrial use. Additionally, a rotary screw air compressor is more efficient and cost-effective than other designs in the market.

The location

Your workplace determines the type of industrial air compressor you need. For instance, if you operate in an industry that requires you to move from one site to the other frequently, then you will need a portable industrial air compressor that has a diesel-powered motor. Accordingly, if you work in one place that has a constant supply of electricity, you need an electrically-powered fixed air compressor.


The air compressor market in Israel is among the rapidly expanding, and most of this is owed to agricultural and industrial applications. As it is in any part of the world, you can get the best industrial air compressors from Sollant by contacting us or visiting our website. Sollant air compressors are designed using the most advanced technology for efficiency and reliability. Additionally, we export air compressors to Israel and other parts of the world at the most affordable price. You can make your orders today and have your air compressors delivered on time.

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