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Why is the air compressor not pressurized?

  1. The intake valve of the screw air compressor is not opened: when the air compressor is turned on, the internal pressure will be slowly established first. When the pressure reaches a certain pressure, the solenoid valve controls the cylinder to open the intake valve, and the air compressor inhales air to enter the loading state. There may be three reasons why the air compressor does not take in air, solenoid valve (circuit, valve body, pipeline), cylinder (valve or diaphragm, seal, pipeline), intake valve (valve or diaphragm, seal, pipe) road) has shortcomings.


  1. False loading of the air compressor: The false loading of the air compressor is mainly due to the failure of the output point of the PLCC. The PLC is in the running loading state. Due to the failure of the output point, there is no signal to the solenoid valve, which causes the air intake machine to not operate. Repairing the PLC requires a professional air compressor repair engineer, and non-professionals are not recommended to disassemble it at will.


  1. Minimum pressure check valve defect: The minimum pressure check valve is the easiest to judge whether there is a defect. When the internal pressure is high but there is no pressure output, the minimum pressure check valve can be judged to be defective. The best solution for a minimum pressure check valve failure.


  1. Disadvantages of the main unit of the air compressor: the main unit of the air compressor is the most difficult to deal with. The main defects of the main unit are: (1) yin and yang. Sub-wear: When there is a large amount of wear between the male and female rotors and between the inner cavity of the stator, the internal leakage of the air compressor is very large, and the air compressor will not be pumped when it is loaded; (2) The lubricating oil of the air compressor : The price of special oil for screw air compressors is slightly more expensive. Some unscrupulous suppliers provide users with special oil for non-air compressors, which emulsifies the lubricating oil of the air compressor, which cannot form an effective air seal, and the power of the air compressor is extremely high. Low, or even no gas production.


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