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There are several kinds of cracks in the air compressor

Oil-Free Water Injected Screw Compressor

Some air compressors may malfunction, damage and other situations after being used for a period of time. Sometimes the body may have crack marks. There may be many reasons for this situation. Avoiding damage to the air compressor still requires daily inspection and maintenance.

Cause Analysis of Air Compressor Cracks:

1. Due to the internal stress generated during the casting of the casting, it gradually expands significantly after vibration during use;

2. The cooling water is in the cylinder head of the machine body, and the water is not released in time after parking in winter and freezes;

3. Due to mechanical accidents, such as broken pistons, broken connecting rod screws, resulting in broken connecting rods, or the balance iron on the crankshaft flew out and damaged the body, or the parts in the gas cutting fell off and damaged the cylinder head, etc.

Air compressor crack inspection method:

1. Hydraulic method: The hydraulic method is to check the crack site by increasing the cooling water pressure.

2. Penetrating kerosene method: When checking, first wipe the body and cylinder head with cotton yarn soaked in kerosene, and then wipe off the kerosene with dry cotton yarn, and immediately apply white powder. Where there are cracks, kerosene will seep into the white powder, and the location and length of the cracks will be clearly displayed. In a repair shop with better equipment conditions, hydraulic inspection is carried out on a special equipment, a hydraulic tester. In units with poor equipment conditions, some ordinary hand pumps are used to remake simple equipment. When checking, first try to block the water pipe joints of the body or cylinder head, and only connect one of the water pipe joints to the water pump outlet with a rubber tube. The upper plane of the body should use a cover plate of similar size to prevent the cooling water from overflowing. Then turn on the switch and press the water pump to make water enter the cooling water jacket. Turn off the switch after the water comes out from the switch, continue to press the water pump, and stop the water supply when the pressure gauge pointer reaches 3-4 atmospheric pressure.

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