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4 Reasons and Countermeasures for High Temperature Alarm of screw compressor

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Yesterday, I encountered a customer who said that they had bought a Hanzhong air compressor from another supplier a few years ago, and the temperature was a bit high.

Now that the supplier’s phone number cannot be found, they contacted us. Our technical staff called to guide him to stabilize the machine first, and the next day, they helped him go to the site to troubleshoot the problem. Let’s analyze the specific reasons for the high temperature of the screw machine below:

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1. High ambient temperature: If the ambient temperature is too high, it will cause the intake temperature of the air compressor to be too high. If the intake temperature is too high, it will directly lead to a high exhaust temperature.

The solution is to add an exhaust hood on the roof of the air compressor room to control the indoor temperature from being too high. In addition, in the hot summer, when the indoor temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the machine should be shut down for rest.

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2. Deterioration or insufficient amount of lubricating oil: In addition to providing lubrication during the operation of screw air compressors, lubricating oil also has a very important function: mixing with compressed air to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of compressed gas to a certain extent.

So when the lubricating oil deteriorates or the amount is insufficient, it cannot cool the compressed gas well, which may lead to a higher exhaust temperature.

3. Long term lack of cleaning and maintenance for screw type air compressors: If the air compressor does not receive necessary cleaning and maintenance for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of dust, debris and other impurities inside.

These impurities not only affect the quality of compressed gas, but also lead to poor cooling, and the temperature during discharge will inevitably be higher. According to your description, your Mosini screw air compressor has not undergone necessary cleaning and maintenance work for over a year, so I suspect it may be due to this reason. Please check.

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screw compressor

4. Abnormal cooling system: including high input temperature of cooling water, low flow rate of cooling water, substandard quality of cooling water (containing too many impurities), and insufficient cleaning time for scale in the cooling system.

I suggest you conduct a thorough inspection of the cooling water system.

Ensure that the cooling water temperature (winter water temperature remains at 18 ℃, summer water temperature remains at 24 ℃) and flow rate (around 3.7 liters/second) are within the appropriate range. Please filter the cooling water to ensure its quality, and it is best to thoroughly clean the cooling system.


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