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High Temperature Refrigeration Dryer Manufacturer & Supplier

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • No foundation installation, can be installed under reasonable ambient temperature
  • The external rotor fan is adopted, with large air volume and long service life
  • Good drainage system design, no clogging, with a filter that can be cleaned regularly
  • The design of the equipment structure is reasonable, and the design concept of the golden ratio is adopted, which has a strong three-dimensional effect after the festival

The amount of water vapor in compressed air is determined by the water content of the compressed air. In the case of keeping the compressed air pressure basically constant, when the temperature drops, the water holding capacity of the air also decreases, and the moisture that was originally gaseous will become liquid. The refrigerated dryer is based on this dehumidification principle, using a refrigeration device to cool the compressed air to a certain dew point temperature, so that the gaseous moisture in it condenses into a liquid state. The gas-liquid is separated by the separator and the water is discharged by the automatic drain, so that the compressed air is dried.

The refrigeration and heat dissipation device of the air-cooled refrigerated dryer is an air-cooled radiator. The high-pressure part of the refrigeration system is blown cold by the fan, and is taken away with the air volume blown by the fan.

Advantages of High-Temperature Refrigerated Dryers

1. Design, manufacture, produce and test in strict accordance with ISO9001, GB150 standards, ISO7183 refrigeration dryer standards, QS, and pressure vessel inspection specifications to ensure safe and reliable operation of products;

2. Heat exchanger, the air-cooled condenser is produced independently, using hydrophilic aluminum foil, with high heat exchange efficiency;

3. Refrigeration parts and control components are all made of international high-quality brands to improve the service life;

4. Using a new fully enclosed refrigeration compressor with, long life, low noise, reliable performance, and high energy efficiency;

5. The high-efficiency steam-water separation device cooperates with the excellent automatic drain valve to continuously and stably drain the condensed water out of the machine;

6. The heat dissipation system is equipped with an automatic pressure switch to automatically control the power supply of the fan to achieve the maximum power saving effect, which is more than 30% compared with the same period of last year;

7. Unique refrigeration system design, low temperature, no freezing, zero refrigerant filtration system, no ice blockage; effectively remove compressed air moisture.

Refrigerated Dryers Technical Parameter