Comprehensive Hydrogen Equipment Full Industry Chain Solution Manufacturer


Sollant specializes in the design and manufacture of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), and hydrogen generation systems (HGS). We are a leading Comprehensive Hydrogen Equipment Solution Provider, covering every aspect of the hydrogen industry. From production to utilization, our tailored solutions integrate seamlessly across industries, driving cleaner energy adoption.

From production to storage, distribution, and utilization, our innovative approach tackles every facet of the hydrogen value chain. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse industries, enabling them to harness the immense potential of hydrogen for cleaner energy alternatives.


The company specializes in the design, manufacture and related technical services of hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen production systems and other products, and undertakes the design and equipment provision of hydrogen production and hydrogen liquefaction plants and other engineering projects. In the fields of upstream hydrogen production, midstream and downstream storage, transportation, distribution, and terminal hydrogen supply equipment, with the mission of providing hydrogen energy equipment, it is committed to becoming a leading one-stop equipment supplier for the entire industry chain of hydrogen energy equipment.

sollant Hydrogen Generation System

Hydrogen Generation System

The water electrolysis hydrogen production system can be widely combined with renewable energy such as water energy, wind energy and solar energy to convert electrical energy into hydrogen energy, and combined with liquid hydrogen to achieve long-distance transmission and storage of renewable energy, water electrolysis hydrogen production can be used in a variety of applications It is an ideal tool for efficiently converting excess electric energy into hydrogen energy in the fields of transportation, industrial and domestic utilization, and gas-fired power generation.

sollant Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Hydrogen Refuelling Station

With the increasing maturity of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the application of hydrogen energy and the industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles require supporting services and facilities related to industrialization. In response to different market needs, the company’s current hydrogen refueling station equipment products are divided into fixed hydrogen refueling stations and container-type pressurized hydrogen refueling devices according to different station construction forms.



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