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With the increasing maturity of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the application of hydrogen energy and the industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles require supporting services and facilities related to industrialization.
In response to different market needs, the company provides customers with the following services:​

  1. Application Scenario Analysis of Hydrogen Refueling Station
  2. Suggestions on pre-planning of hydrogen refueling stations (suggestions on site selection, layout description, economic calculation)
  3. Comparative Analysis of Hydrogen Refueling Station Products/Type Selection
  4. Hydrogen refueling station equipment EPC
  5. Warranty for a hydrogen refueling station
  6. Intelligent operation and maintenance (Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles) and other services

Complete set of equipment for stationary hydrogen refueling station
The complete set of equipment for fixed hydrogen refueling stations provides multi-modular hydrogen refueling solutions, equipped with skid-mounted degassing, pressurization, storage, rapid hydrogen refueling and cooling modules, and a safety control system for the whole station, which can realize hydrogen refueling, System functions such as cooling, metering, safety control, remote intelligent diagnosis, real-time monitoring of key equipment, big data analysis and cloud computing.

Containerized pressurized hydrogenation unit
The container-type pressurized hydrogenation unit, in order to provide an integrated hydrogenation system solution quickly and efficiently, integrates hydrogenation, cooling, metering, safety control and other system functions into one, and integrates equipment manufacturing, integration, testing, The testing and other procedures are all completed in the factory.
The construction of the site only needs to connect the containerized system module with the external hydrogen storage bottle group (energy device) and the low-temperature cooling system to achieve rapid and efficient continuous hydrogenation. The fastest hydrogenation speed per vehicle can not exceed 5min.

Complete equipment for emergency hydrogenation
Using compressed air or nitrogen as the driving force, it can work without electrical facilities;
Strong pressurization capacity, the maximum pressurization of hydrogen can reach 600BAR;
Suitable for explosion-proof requirements (ATEX94/9EG) – small size, light weight, suitable for mobile hydrogenation and test applications.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations with high-pressure storage

200 to 1000kg/12h@35MPa/70MPa  Hydrogen Refueling Stations

sollant Hydrogen Refueling Station

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