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The water electrolysis hydrogen production system can be widely combined with renewable energy such as water energy, wind energy and solar energy to convert electrical energy into hydrogen energy, and combined with liquid hydrogen to achieve long-distance transmission and storage of renewable energy, water electrolysis hydrogen production can be used in a variety of applications It is an ideal tool for efficiently converting excess electric energy into hydrogen energy in the fields of transportation, industrial and domestic utilization, and gas-fired power generation.

Item Specification
Hydrogen production 1000 Nm³/h
Oxygen production 500 Nm³/h
Working Pressure 16 Bar
DC power consumption(hydrogen) ≤4.5 KWh/Nm³
H2 purity after electrolyzer ≧ 99.8%
Oxygen purity ≧ 98.5%
Water content before purification in H2 ≤ 4g/Nm³
H2 after purification ≧ 99.999%
  • New Electrode Process Technology, high-efficiency hydrogen generation
  • Optimized Electrode Structure & Plating, Naney-Nickel Alloy with a higher surface area
  • New diaphragm material and design with higher current density
  • Optimized Gasket and Frame Sealing of Bipolar Plate Design with a longer lifespan
  • Alkaline Level Remote Monitoring System

Successful Projects

1000Nm³/H HGS

Item Specification
Hydrogen production 1000Nm³/H
Working period 24H
Working pressure 16 Bar
Storage tank /
H2 purity 99.999%
Power Wind+solar

50Nm³/H HGS

Item Specification
Hydrogen production 50Nm³/H
Working period 24H
Working pressure 3.2Mpa
Storage tank 24 H
H2 purity 99.999%
Power Grid

Parameters of Alk electrolyzer

Parameters of PEM electrolyzer