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The specific application of screw air compressors in the fields of food and pharmaceuticals. Air compressors are widely used in various industries, but different industries have different requirements for screw air compressors. The following specifically introduces the application of screw air compressors in food and pharmaceutical fields The application in China and the requirements of the light industry for air compressors.

The field of light industry has a wide range, and we cannot analyze and discuss every industry. Here we will focus on food and beverage to explain the application of screw air compressors in the light industry in detail, and briefly analyze the application of compressed air in this industry. Condition.

Food and beverage, are divided into non-contact, indirect contact, and direct contact Non-contact with gas: the air source can be provided by an oil-free and water-lubricated screw air compressor, such as cleaning locust cans and beverage bottles Direct contact: such as raw material stirring, fermentation, etc. The oil content is high and the compressed air needs to be deodorized.

industrial oil free air compressor

There is no doubt that water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressors are suitable for the food and beverage industry.

This is mainly due to the following points:
1. 100% oil-free air, in line with relevant inspection standards, suitable for common equipment in most food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile, and electronic industries;
2. The reliability is relatively stronger and more stable.
3. There is no need for oil lubrication during operation, which reduces the operating cost of the enterprise and the failure rate. 4. Long-life parts are specially designed to withstand the high ambient temperatures of 46ºC. Optimized compressed air solutions and design to meet our customers’ needs can increase the productivity of your installation.
5. Guaranteed to ensure that the risk of product contamination is zero.

Water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressors are produced in response to market demand. Compared with dry and scroll compressors, they are cost-effective and relatively low in input costs. At the same time, it can meet the needs of enterprises for high-quality compressed air.