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Ten Tips for Anticorrosion of Air Compressor Valves—Shared by Sollant

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Ten Tips for Anticorrosion of Air Compressor Valves.Air compressor valves are generally made of metal. If they are not handled properly for a long time or the use environment is not good, they will be corroded and affect the normal operation of the air compressor.

1. Metal surface treatment method

Metal surface treatment processes include hypnotic coating, surface penetration, surface oxidation passivation, etc. Its purpose is to improve the corrosion resistance of metals and improve the mechanical properties of metals.

2. Using non-metallic material method

Non-metallic corrosion resistance is excellent, as long as the operating temperature and pressure of the valve meet the requirements of non-metallic materials, it can not only solve the corrosion problem, but also save the cost of valve body, bonnet, lining, sealing surface and other common non-metallic materials for valves with precious metal ports.

As for gaskets and fillers, they are mainly plastics such as polytetrafluoroethylene and chlorinated polyether made of non-metallic materials, and rubber such as natural rubber l-butadiene rubber and nitrile rubber are used as valve linings, while valve bodies and valve covers The main body is made of ordinary cast iron and carbon key, which not only ensures the strength of the valve, but also ensures that the valve is not corroded.

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3. Spray paint method

Coating is a widely used anti-corrosion method, and it is an indispensable anti-corrosion material and identification mark on air compressor valve products. Coatings are also non-metallic materials. They are usually made of synthetic resin, rubber slurry, vegetable oil, solvents, etc., covering the metal surface, insulating the medium and the atmosphere, and achieving anti-corrosion purposes.

4. Add corrosion inhibitor

Adding a small amount of other substances to corrosive media and corrosive products can greatly slow down the rate of metal corrosion. This substance is called a corrosion inhibitor. The corrosion inhibitor consists of sodium nitrite and sodium chromate, which can form a passivation film on the surface of the valve stem and improve the corrosion resistance of the valve stem; the solvent can slowly dissolve the corrosion inhibitor, and can also act as a lubricant; Zinc powder is added as a sacrificial metal.

In fact, zinc is also a corrosion inhibitor, which can combine with chlorides in asbestos, greatly reducing the chance of contact between chlorides and valve stem metal, so as to achieve anti-corrosion purposes. If corrosion inhibitors such as red lead and calcium lead acid are added to the paint, spraying on the surface of the valve can prevent atmospheric corrosion.

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5. Control the corrosive environment

The so-called environment has two kinds of broad sense and narrow sense. The broad sense environment refers to the environment around the valve installation place and its internal circulation medium; the narrow sense environment refers to the conditions around the valve installation place. Most environments cannot be controlled, and the production process cannot be changed arbitrarily.

Only in the case of no damage to products and processes, methods of controlling the environment can be used, such as deoxidizing boiler water, adjusting PH value of home alkali in refining process, etc. From this point of view, the above-mentioned addition of corrosion inhibitors, electrochemical protection, etc. also belong to the control of corrosion environment.

6. Select the appropriate valve material:

When designing and selecting air compressor valves, the working environment and medium should be considered, and appropriate materials should be selected, such as stainless steel, plastic, etc., to improve their corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

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7. Anti-corrosion inside the valve:

In addition to external anti-corrosion coating, internal anti-corrosion measures of the valve can also be taken. For example, coating the inside of the valve with anti-corrosion paint, or using anti-corrosion materials to make the internal components of the valve, etc.

8. Valve sealing:

The sealing performance of the valve has an important influence on its anti-corrosion performance. Therefore, when using the valve, it is necessary to pay attention to its sealing performance to avoid medium leakage and corrosion.

9. Corrosion detection:

The anti-corrosion inspection of the valve is carried out regularly to find the defects of the coating and the peeling between the coating and the substrate, and repair and strengthen in time.

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10. Anti-corrosion management:

In the anti-corrosion work of air compressors, it is necessary to establish a complete anti-corrosion management system, including anti-corrosion coating process regulations, anti-corrosion coating use and management regulations, anti-corrosion coating quality inspection standards, etc., to ensure the quality of anti-corrosion work and effects.

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