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air compressor for fiber laser cutting machine

The air compressor is specially equipped with a complete set of compressed air solutions for laser cutting equipment, such as wine cover air compressors, air storage tanks, cold dryers, precision filters at all levels, energy-saving pipelines, etc. for almost all compressed air processes. The required equipment can truly realize one-stop procurement, which can meet the needs of various customers.

The principle of laser cutting machine air cutting
The cutting principle of air is similar to that of nitrogen. It relies on the energy of the laser to melt the metal and uses high pressure to blow away the melt. During this period, some metal substances will be oxidized or burned to form metal oxides on the cut surface. For example, white solid Al2O3, black solid Fe3O4 and CuO are generated. The air itself exists in the atmosphere, and it is compressed into an air storage tank by an air compressor, and then filtered, cooled and dried to remove water and oil in the air, and then it can be used. Since the air contains about 21% oxygen, it can make up for the lack of oxygen and nitrogen to a certain extent. The function of the air compressor is to use part of the output air as the dust removal of the machine tool and the clamping and positioning of the exchange table, and part of the air is stored in the air storage tank, and the gas is output to the machine tool as cutting gas, so a complete set of air compressor equipment It is an essential part in air cutting applications and also plays an important role in the cutting process.

Application scenarios of laser cutting machine air cutting
Air cutting is mainly used in the processing of thin plates. The cutting section has no slag, high precision and fast speed, so as to meet the requirements of customers. Many manufacturers of chassis, cabinets, and tool cabinets use air cutting. Case manufacturers mainly use thin plates of 0.5-3mm for processing. Manufacturers generally produce large quantities of cases, and customers require high efficiency. Air cutting is a good choice, which can save costs and improve efficiency.

Use a 1500W laser cutting machine with a professional air compressor. The air compressor is a 16 kg air compressor. The air compressor must be oil-free and water-free. It is equipped with a cold dryer and a filter element to achieve the filtering effect. Make the output pressure reach the maximum. For cutting carbon steel with a thickness below 1.5mm, air cutting can achieve the effect of oxygen cutting, and at the same time, it is faster than oxygen cutting. At corners, when cutting small circles, there will be no overheating or overheating. The advantages of air cutting are still obvious. of.

When cutting stainless steel, we generally use nitrogen cutting, but nitrogen cutting will increase customer costs, we also recommend air cutting, the effect of air cutting stainless steel is no less than nitrogen cutting. When cutting galvanized sheet, because there is a zinc layer on the surface of galvanized sheets, cutting with oxygen may cause overheating and cause poor cutting surface, so we also recommend air cutting when cutting galvanized sheet below 1.5mm. Due to the high speed, high pressure and low oxygen content of air cutting, it will not cause a bad cutting surface.