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Screw Air Compressor for Woodworking Industry

The production of furniture factories needs power, and the air compressor can just meet the power requirements in the furniture production process. If electricity is used instead, energy consumption will increase a lot, which is not a good choice. Using pneumatic equipment can not only save energy and protect the environment but also ensure the quality of furniture. So what kind of screw air compressor should general furniture factories choose?

The furniture industry has relatively high requirements for air consumption, and the general choice is the air compressor system. The configuration of the air compressor system requires professional engineers. Configure according to the gas demand of the furniture industry.

When choosing a screw air compressor in the furniture industry, the following issues need to be considered:
1. Air compressor power

The choice of how much power depends mainly on the gas equipment of the enterprise and the model of the air compressor is selected according to the gas consumption!

The size of the exhaust volume is also one of the main parameters of the air compressor. The air volume of the selected air compressor should match the exhaust volume you need, and leave a 10% margin.

2. What is the flow rate of the air compressor?

When determining the volumetric flow rate of the air compressor, the sum of the volumetric flow rates of all gas-consuming equipment should be calculated first, and then multiplied by 1.2 to expand the margin by 20%.

3. Determine the pressure of the air compressor

When purchasing an air compressor, first determine the required working pressure at the gas end, plus a margin of 1-2 bar, and then select the pressure of the air compressor. The reason for this choice is mainly due to the pressure loss of the air compressor.

The air storage tank supporting the air compressor plays the role of stabilizing pressure, storing gas, and cooling the air compressor system. The selection of the air storage tank mainly depends on the flow rate of the air compressor. Generally, the ratio of the air storage tank to air compressor is 1:3. When purchasing a special air compressor for the furniture industry, in addition to the air compressor itself, the air storage tank is also very important. The air in the air compressor system reaches the freeze dryer through the primary fine filter. The freeze dryer mainly plays the role of freeze drying. The selection of freeze dryers generally considers flow rate and brand. The exhaust volume is slightly larger than that of the special air compressor for the furniture industry. The water and oil in the air cannot reach the water and oil in the air discharged from the after-filter after the frozen compressed air enters the fine filter, which satisfies the needs of the furniture industry. Require. The furniture industry uses stricter gases. We recommend that users use three-stage filtration or multi-stage filtration to ensure normal gas use at the back end.