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In the printing industry, the application of compressed air can basically cover the entire printing process, such as paper cutting, printing, and post-press, all of which have compressed air. When selecting air compressors in printing companies, it is necessary to determine the air consumption of this equipment. Generally, The air consumption of the paper cutter can be ignored. The printing machine depends on whether it is a single-color, two-color, four-color or more color model. The required air volume should be determined according to the actual situation of the printing machine. The post-press equipment also has a certain amount of air consumption. The air consumption of different post-press equipment will also be different. When the printing machine is printing, the air-consuming components are generally in motion, such as the action of blowing paper and vacuum generators. Generally, post-press equipment uses more cylinders, and the cylinder action Most frequently, it is the original that consumes more gas.


Part of the process of printing requires an air compressor

  1. The paper feeding part uses a paper separation nozzle, paper transfer nozzle, paper separation blow nozzle, etc. to realize paper separation and delivery. The requirements are mainly achieved through air nozzle suction and blowing.
  2. During the paper feeding process, it adopts vacuum conveying and absorbing conveying.
  3. The up and down control of the printing machine ink roller is realized by pneumatic control.
  4. Pneumatic technology is used to realize the position control of the clutch between the impression cylinder and the printing plate, and the position control of the printing plate cylinder.
  5. Special processes such as embossing and indentation require pneumatic tools.


Compressed air requirements for the printing industry

Particle impurities are the natural enemy of printing. Compressed air with particle bubbles not only causes bubbles to appear on the printing screen but also causes uneven color reception. Especially in high-end printing occasions, there must be no impurities on the screen. When the printing press is working, the pressure of the compressed air cannot fluctuate greatly and must be controlled within a certain range.


Configure the air compressor for printing

In order to ensure the printing quality, the printing process requires compressed air pressure of 0.6-0.8Mpa, a pressure dew point of 2-10°C, dust particles less than 5-10μm, and oil content not higher than 0.1mg/m3. In the actual configuration selection, the gas consumption at the end can be flexibly calculated by referring to the gas consumption specification data of the equipment manufacturer.

Long printing running time, non-stop, constant gas pressure, energy-saving and power-saving requirements, SOLLANT’s screw air compressor series are ideal choices, in the post-processing equipment, equipped with precision filters and cold dryers for purification, The dew point value and filtration accuracy of the processed compressed air meet international standards and meet the needs of the printing industry.

Sollant rotary Screw Air Compressor for Printing Industry
sollant Screw Air Compressor for Printing Industry