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High Pressure Oil Free Screw Piston Compressor

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • The small number of consumables, low maintenance cost. easy to replace
  • Adopt all stainless steel system to ensure the compressed air is clean and pollution-free
  • The Cylinder oil-free lubrication compression.compression chamber without oil. provide perfect compressed air for blowing machine
  • Adopt efficient energy-saving motor and reduce carbon emission
  • The oil-free screw piston compressor is compressed with a spray screw, and the oil is completely free
Screw Piston Booster compressor


  • Oil-free water is used to replace oil, to achieve the four main functions of lubrication, cooling, sealing, and noise reduction, providing high quality and 100% oil-free air, the discharge water does need not special treatment, meet environmental protection requirements
  • The screw main engine casing, the star wheel bracket, and the whole system pipeline are the food-grade stainless steel
  • The supercharger is an oil-free piston booster, ensuring that the whole air system is free of oil, and the food and drug packaging industry provides all oil-free compressed air

High reliability

  • The main engine parts adopt corrosion resistant food-grade stainless steel, which is more durable than the coating material
  • The lubrication water can absorb a lot of compression heat, the compressor runs at a low temperature, all parts work in the small temperature range, and the reliability is high
  • Water lubrication is used to solve the problem of emulsification or cementing of the oil spray screw machine and prolong the service life of the unit

Energy saving

  • Adjust energy consumption by 20% through frequency converter
  • Achieve constant pressure air, provide stable air source for users
  • The balance starts reducing the impact of the motor on the power grid. and extends the mechanical life of the motor and the unit
  • The frequency converter can be provided at random and can be upgraded later
ModelVolume flow (Nm3/min)Exhaust pressure (Mpa)Power (kW)Shaft power (kW)Rotating speed (rpm)Weight (kg)Circulating water volume (t/h)Outlet air outlet sizeDimensions (mm)
SLT-18/40184.0185167380650050DN50 3820*2050*2100
SLT-20/40204.0207186420700060DN50 3820*2050*2100
SLT-22/40224.0222200460750060DN50 3820*2050*2100
SLT-25/40254.0250225380800080DN50 3820*2050*2100
SLT-28/40284.02952664208500100DN65 3820*2050*2100
SLT-30/40304.03102794609000125DN65 3820*2050*2100