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sollant Portable Diesel Air Compressor for Mining

The value of mineral resources is huge, and many complex construction problems will be encountered during the mining process of mines. For example, there is no air inside the mountain range, and there will be a lack of air in the mine after the mine is opened. At this time, an air compressor will be used.

Furthermore, there is the issue of energy saving in mines. If electric energy is used, it means that the location cannot be moved, and there is a space limitation problem. Diesel mobile screw air compressors are very suitable for this scenario.

A diesel mobile screw air compressor is a kind of air compressor. It uses diesel as its kinetic energy and is not limited by electricity consumption. It can just meet the mobile needs of the equipment. Use it wherever you need it, very convenient.

In the mining process, a lot of pneumatic equipment will be used, and the diesel mobile screw air compressor can provide air kinetic energy. In deep mines, there is often a problem of insufficient air. At this time, the diesel mobile screw air compressor can compress the outside air for filtration and provide clean air for the cave.

The diesel mobile screw air compressor adopts a new type of screw compressor host, which uses a special rotor tooth shape, which can bring superior performance to the machine.

At the same time, it has stronger axial and radial bearings for longer service life. In order to adapt to the actual working conditions, an oversized cooler and fan are added to dissipate heat to adapt to the harsh working conditions in the field.

In actual use, the air volume adjustment device of the diesel mobile screw air compressor can be automatically adjusted to ensure that the intake volume of the air compressor matches the speed, air supply volume, and air consumption of the diesel engine, and achieve the goal with less fuel consumption as much as possible. better effect.

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